TGI Friday’s Spoilers




Devika has got Paatali Devi at home. Devika tells the family that Paatali Devi will make Simar fine. The family gets convinced that she is good. She does the puja, and makes the family believe her. They get shocked seeing Paatali Devi’s miracle in making Simar fine. Paatali Devi wins their trust dressed as Sadhvi. Simar gets fine and comes to living room. The family gets glad that Simar got fine. Paatali Devi gives the black coconut to Simar and will make her evil now.


Ragini gets a makeover and insults Durga Prasad. This is her new Avatar and she becomes arrogant, egoistic and revengeful lady. She treats Laksh as her servant. Durga Prasad gave her wealth and house keys to Ragini as Dadi puts forth the condition infront of him. She asks Durga Prasad to give his wealth and everything to Ragini, if she wants to save his wife Annapurna’s life. Durga Prasad feels helpless as Annapurna got a mild heart attack as Dadi gets Laksh arrested for trying to kill Ragini. Durga Prasad agrees for Dadi’s condition and gives his wealth to Ragini. Dadi takes back the complaint against Laksh and gets all his property. In the morning, Durga Prasad comes to have food and is about to sit on the chair, but Ragini stops him and sits on his chair. She is angry at Laksh and asks him to serve the food. Laksh says I didn’t think that she will treat me like her servant. Dadi is also staying with Ragini and treating family members badly. Swara is very sad at the happenings. Ragini breaks a glass and asks Annapurna to clean floor. . Swara stops her and raises hand on Ragini. Ragini holds her hand. Swara will face Ragini and challenge her that she can’t mistreat anyone. Swara will stand for her family. She decides to not give divorce to Sanskaar after realizing she is in love with Sanskaar.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dhruv and Shraddha sit in Sati Savitri puja. All the suhaagans sit for the puja. Thapki did not wish to get sindoor of Bihaan’s name, but sindoor falls on her head accidentally by Bihaan’s hand. Thapki takes it as a sign from Lord. There is a betel ritual too, wherein Vasundara adds sindoor in the betel leaf, to make Thapki lose her voice.


Ishani feels helpless and cries seeing Ranveer. Ranveer is freed from court. Ishani has to give testimony in the court for Milan’s murder case, and Ishani gives statement against Ranveer. Just then Shikhar comes there with proofs proving Ranveer innocent. Ranveer gets happy knowing Ishani is the one who has collected the proofs and given him. Ranveer thinks Ishani wants him to hate her and there must be some good motive behind it. Actually Ritika is blackmailing Ishani as she knows the treatment for Ranveer’s spoiling face which has got a virus attack, all thanks to Milan. Ritik asks Ishani to make Ranveer hate her. Ishani gets Amba to the hospital and tells the staff that Amba has got mad. Ishani is doing this on Ritika’s saying. Ritika has made Ishani a puppet. She sends Ranveer’s parents to the mental hospital. Ishani will be going away from Ranveer. Ishani leaves from the hospital, and Ranveer frees his parents from the hospital. Ranveer and Ishani’s hatred will start with a one year leap.

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Koel and Raj are in the office lift and stay silent. Raj looks at her and she ignores him as if he does not exist for her. The fate has brought them together. Everyone leave from the lift. Raj and Koel does not talk. The lift stops and it gets dark. Koel was uncomfortable to be with Raj and shouts for help. She does not take Raj’s help. Raj gets teary eyed seeing his love distanced so much, yet being close.


Gauri thinks Aditya will not like her by her burnmark on her face. Gauri tells Yuvraaj and everyone that she loves Aditya. Yuvraaj fumes and gets angry. Aditya tells Gauri that she loves her, which makes Gauri shocked. Gauri also reciprocates love. Suhani feels Gauri does not know relations and meaning of marriage. She asks Aditya to be away from Gauri. She asks him to stop these things else he won’t be able to enter Birla house. Yuvraaj gets annoyed with Suhani for calling Aditya home without his consent. Dadi supports Gauri to make Gauri against Suhani.


Shagun falls in the river and crocodile goes to eat Shagun. Ishita jumps in the river and brings sinking Shagun out. The crocodile comes there and they both get shocked seeing the crocodile. Ishita moves Shagun away and comes infront of the crocodile. Ishita fights with the crocodile. The blood falls on Shagun, and Shagun screams. Ashok planned this to kill Shagun. Ashok has sent goons to harm Shagun. He has also send a dog instead Muttu Swami. The dog bites Adi and Ishita. Ishita saves Adi from that dog. Ishita turned savior for Shagun and Adi, but danger came on Ishita. Ishita sinks while fighting with the crocodile. Will Ishita die or survive this attack?


Abhi and Pragya always fight. Pragya asks him to let her sleep. Abhi tries to take the keys from her. The reporters joke on their scene. Pragya does not give him the keys. Abhi wanted keys and Pragya does not realize his plan. Pragya asks Abhi to move and goes saying she has work. Pragya thinks he is getting naughty, she does not know what he wants. Their nok jhok continues.


Avdesh blindfolds Rana ji, and they both compete playing darts. Gayatri comes there and sees Avdesh aiming gun at Rana ji. She shouts and alerts Rana ji. Rana ji is friendly with Avdesh. Avdesh lies to Rana ji and gives him the gun. Rana ji lifts Gayarti and takes her. They have a sweet moment.


Meenakshi is doubtful on Sooraj. Sooraj gets tensed and snatches the phone from Bhabho. He is doing strange things which makes Meenakshi doubtful. Bhabho is unwell, and that’s why he is taking her to hospital, but just then phone rings and he stops Bhabho from picking the call. Sooraj cries when he is alone and he is doing this intentionally. Sooraj is trying to save his family member who is involved in Mohit’s murder case. Meenakshi will try to enquire about Sooraj’s tension. Sooraj sends Bhabho to hospital, and silently plucks the wire from the telephone, making Meenakshi’s doubt concrete. Satyadev comes there to find Sandhya, and doubts on Sooraj. Satyadev finds Sandhya tied and arrests Sooraj for the crime of Mohit’s murder. Sandhya is still in dilemma.



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