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Kaala Teeka:

Vishwa burns all the colorful clothes of Kaali. He does not want Kaali to wear any colorful clothes. He gives her the black clothes and asks her to not bring any change. Manjiri fights with Vishwa for Kaali’s rights. She tells him that Kaali is not Kaala Teeka of Gauri. She keeps a condition that she will stay in the house only if Kaali is given equal rights as Gauri.


Sarla sits on the road infront of Shanti Sadan. Shanti does not let her come inside. Sarla wants to share grief about Raghav who got missing. Sarla eats guavas being hungry and waits for any news about Raghav. Shanti cries seeing Sarla outside, and is helpless.


Sesha reaches a temple and is very angry. She has seen Ritik and Shivanya’s closeness. She warns Shivanya not to forget her revenge. Shivanya has fallen in love with Ritik. Sesha does not want Shvanya to fall in love with Ritik and is angry.


Ahem has gone to do suicide but seeing someone sinking, he drops his suicide idea. He values his life and thinks what good deeds he can do being alive. He saves the boy and goes back to Modi house. Ahem’s entry in Modi house relieves everyone.

Piya Rangrezz:

The show will be heading for a 20 year leap with Sher and Shraddha’s son. Gaurav S Bajaj will be playing Sher and his son’s role too. Gaurav will be seen in a rocking avatar post leap.

Siya Ke Ram:

Dasharath has broken a promise, which will lead to Ayodhya getting ruined. Guru Vashisht fears for Ayodhya and realizes a Raghuvanshi breaking a promise. He meets Ram and tells about Dasharath’s promise to make Bharat his heir. He gives the sole responsibility to Ram to bring harmony in his family relations as well as Ayodhya. Kaikeyi has sent Bharat off to her dynasty, and waits to change Dasharath’s decision by manipulation. The show will get a leap soon with grown up Sita and Ram’s intro scene, where Ram saves Sita from unknown danger. Ram will lift the Shiv Dhanush, which makes him the suitable groom for Sita.

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Sumit Sambhal Lega:

Sumit tells Dolly about his old young days, where he has been to an adult party without her permission. Dolly gets very upset with him and stops talking to Sumit. She takes extra care of Rajneesh to make Sumit realize his mistake. Jasbir and Maya are glad to see Sumit’s new side.


Anita gets a coupon in the soap. She gets glad as she got the bungalow in the lottery. She calls on that number and confirms that she will get that house. She can’t believe its true and tells Vibhuti and Tiwari. Vibhuti did not know they will get bungalow. Anita is glad that Vibhuti got that soap and did something good.


Ayush gets Mohi bailed out from police station. Mohi tells him about the exact robbery situation and they find the jewelry stuck on the tree. Ayush tells the family about Mohi being innocent and handsover the jewelry to Manohar.






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