Iss Pyaar… Ek Jashn ends leaving more memories…


IPKKND Ek Jashn eight episodic mini series’ finale aired today on hotstar. The scene shows Khushi’s curiosity to check FB and get likes and updates from Anjali and ASR. Arnav wills to remember the anniversary next year. Khushi wishes Arnav says just one sorry for not remembering their marriage anniversary. She feels saying sorry is such an easy thing and finishes many jalebis recalling the first time she made Arnav say sorry to her. The series last episode brings more delightful scenes from the show. Fans get more of their romance and emotional moments by the flashbacks.

Khushi finally gets her Arnav ji’s call. She still insists him to say sorry. He agrees to do anything for her and apologizes with a sorry. She is glad hearing ‘sorry’ from him. She prepares questions to hit on him to be sure he is really sorry. She wants him to recall the two memorable things of their lives. One was the Jugnu/lightning bugs which he got for her when they were stuck in dark old house. The second thing was his angry ‘I love You, Dammit’confession. Arnav recalls his unique love confession to Khushi. Khushi gets joyful after passing him in this test and opens the door to let him inside the room. Arnav hugs her and apologizes for forgetting their anniversary every year. He gifts her a saree and wants to prove that things have change for good.


She dresses in a beautiful red saree. Arnav builds up suspense for more surprises for her. Khushi likes the decorative setup and jewelry gifting, followed by a romance onset. They both compliment each other and recall their past. Rabba Ve’s musical and their dance for the final time will make new memories for Arnav-Khushi’s fans. Affectionate moments of cake cutting, romantic hugs and sweet love confessions… marks happy ending of this mini series.


    hw cn they end it so fast they should hv continued……
    maybe by bringing back shyam as the villian and create more drama
    plssss.. come back

  2. i love khushi and ASR
    but hw can they finish it so fast..they should hv continued with bringing back shyam and creating more drama…
    plssss come back


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