Nimboli’s truth to come out by kidnapping track…

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Akhiraj hatches a plan to take revenge from Anandi, and seeks Badri’s help. Badri tells him about his goon friend Gajraj and asks Kundan to take Gajraj and his goons help to kill Nimboli and take revenge from Anandi. Kundan’s blood boils up at the thought of revenge and he decides to kill Nimboli. Kundan, Gajraj and his men come to the place where competition is going on. Shivam dresses up as Nimboli on her suggestion and even wears her clothes. While Nimboli wears Shivam’s clothes with cap on her head. Kundan and the goons mistaken Shivam to be Nimboli, when they hear her voice on the stage when Shivam was saying the lines. They kidnap Shivam and take him to an isolated plate with the intention to kill him.

Watchman informs Anandi that her daughter is kidnapped and taken by the goons. Anandi gets shocked realizing Shivam is kidnapped, and goes to find him along with Nimboli. She informs Jagya on the phone. Kundan uncovers the cloth tied on Shivam’s mouth and realizes that he is not Nimboli. When asked, Shivam tells that he is Anandi’s son. Kundan smirks and thinks if he kills Shivam then it will be best revenge from Anandi. He asks Gajraj to kill Shivam. Shivam panics and cries. Gajraj is about to stab knife in his stomach, but Anandi and Nimboli reach there with Police and saves Shivam. Anandi realizes that Shivam was kidnapped as he was wearing Nimboli’s clothes and fears for his life. Shivam will get to know about Nimboli being his long lost sister Nandini in the coming episodes. Anandi will decide to protect her children from the goons.





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