Highlight: Raman attempts to find Ashok’s informer…


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Ishita is made to walk on the burning coal to get rid of the ghost inside her body. She is helpless to give agni pariksha to save Raman. Ashok wants Ishita to tell the truth infront of her family that Shagun is alive and that’s why she is brought there. She has decided not to lose her strength and determines not to let Ashok’s win. She doesn’t believe on the superstition. Raman, Mrs. Bhalla and others cry seeing Ishita in immense pain. Raman gets an idea to know Ashok’s informer in his house. Raman has got to know that someone is informing Ashok about every happening in his house. Ishita has told this to Raman, acting as Shagun’s spirit. Raman and the family gets shocked knowing one of their family member is a traitor. Baba tells Raman that Ishita is now free of Shagun’s spirit. Baba gives him some new remedy. Raman and Ishita are back home after the ashram visit. Raman gets some wooden sticks and gives to everyone, saying these are magic sticks given by the Baba. He says whose stick does not break will be Ashok’s informer. He asks them to keep the stick under the pillows for one night, and show their sticks in the morning. Raman is caught in this Baba ji’s new idea. Everyone get puzzled seeing Raman’s behavior and assume him to be silly. Raman convinces them to do as he says, and then they will be rid of all problems.


  1. Wow, welcome Raman to the world of superstitions. I don’t understand what type of plot is this. Its common sense that Ashok will tell the informer that Shagun is alive and don’t fall into the trap. Is Ishita really a doctor or mindless lady. As she have informed Raman about traitor, she should have done it before. Why these unnecessary stupid plots???

  2. I know. u guys are copying tracks from midnight stories? really? this is the story i hears when I was like some 4or5. thief being afraid of getting caught would chop his stick 2cm from the top so that it stays equal with all the other sticks given to the suspects. this inturn brings the thief out beacuse there was no magic and the minister had played to get the thief.


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