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meri aash
Twister… This post is on the never-ending drama in any show, which is liked by the viewers solely for the melodramatic factor, without much logic depicted.

Bhairov Singh is the main villain in the show, and making Ritika dance on his tune. Ishani doesn’t know what is going to happen. Ritika shoots at Bhairov Singh and he pretends to die as per his plan. Ishani has come to the new house and new place Haryana. Ishani hugs the goat and asks the new family not to sacrifice the goat. She asks them to sacrifice her instead the goat. She can’t bear to see the goat in trouble and saves her. Ishani did not know the gourd was being cut, not the goat. Bhairov Singh is actually Nirbhay Singh, who is the head of Singh family. He is a big businessman and wants to take revenge from Ranveer and Ishani. He announces to everyone that Ishani is their new maid. Nirbhay’s wife has died in the car accident done by Ranveer. He wants revenge from Ishani now. Nirbhay throws a lavish party at home as his family is returning after 6 months.





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