Highlight: Bhabho’s justified act to get commended…

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Bhabho has confessed the murder crime. She tells how helpless she was to kill Mohit. She says she has given birth to Mohit, and it was impossible for her to kill him, but he has posed such situation. She says she did not kill her, but she has killed a man who has tried to ruin a woman’s respect. Bhabho has killed Mohit to save Lalima’s respect and life. Bhabho is not worried to get any punishment, she is sure that she has done right to save a woman’s respect. Emily feels Bhabho has done right to take this step. Sandhya is worried to send Bhabho to jail.

The people of Pushkar pleads to get Bhabho freed, as she has taken this step to save an innocent life. Bhabho has taken the right step to kill Mohit. Bhabho has got life imprisonment. The family cries seeing Bhabho getting the punishment. Bhabho has done a Mother India portrayal. The people will demand for getting Bhabho freed. The pleas will get Bhabho’s entry back. The show will be presenting online social sites and media involvement which goes viral to support Bhabho. Bhabho gets sympathy from public. Daisa calls her a brave mother to be able to take this step to save Lalima’s respect.





One response to “Highlight: Bhabho’s justified act to get commended…”

  1. Mohammed Rehan Avatar
    Mohammed Rehan

    Wat stupidity if a lady tries to protect the dignity of a lady then shez punished a life sentence whereas in actual rapist n murderers do not get impresonment more than 7 years…. What d hell are they showing shop this crap b4 2016… Its gud fr nothing n all the other crap daily soaps which only show victory of evil … Its high time now just cut this crap off… Just coz of ur hopless trpz ur playing with every thing in the country the constitution child labour harrasment women harrasment homiside n wat not just stop this hopeless n fake daily sops…

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