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Siya Ke Ram:


Ram and Sita’s meet will be very dramatic. Sita is with her sisters and dancing in open. Ram and his brothers arrive to the hilly area. Sita sees Ram for the first time. Ram and Sita will be having a glimpse of each other. Ram has come to Vishwamitra’s ashram. They just see each other and do not meet. The destiny will have their meet later.


Suhani explains Aditya that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. She tells Aditya that Gauri’s true beauty is her heart. Gauri gets heartbroken knowing the reason of Aditya’s refusal. Dadi tries manipulating Gauri against Suhani. Suhani goes against all hurdles, and gets Aditya and Gauri married. Will Aditya live up to Birla family’s expectations?


Jasbir starts acting weird and good. He behaves well mannered and helpful to Dolly and children. Dolly wonders whats wrong with Jasbir. Sumit also tries to figure out the matter. Jasbir feels he is about to die, and wants to give happiness to his family during his last days. Sumit finds out Jasbir’s confusion. On the other hand, Rajneesh meets Simran’s parents and asks for Simran’s hand. Everyone wish Simran’s parents agree. Rajneesh worries thinking they will refuse his proposal.


Viplav is trying hard to make Dhaani confess her love for hom. Even his lie detector test could not help, as Dhaani did not agree to him. Viplav tries making her jealous by Raj Lakshmi’s help. Tripurari shows Viplav’s dreams to Raj Lakshmi and is sure to use this love triangle for his benefit. Viplav shows the bangles to Dhaani which is sent by his Dadi. Dhaani refuses to accept it. Viplav is determined to make Dhaani fall in love with him and accept her feelings. He starts making her realize that she misses him. Viplav asks her to swear and say that she does not love him. Dhaani swears on him and refuses his love infront of the Lord in the temple. Viplav hopes that Dhaani will accept his love and lights a diya on his hand. He feels Dhaani will stop him. Dhaani does not realize love and what it means. Viplav wants to marry Dhaani after her acceptance and approval for his love. Viplav decides to leave Banaras to take the last step to make Dhaani confess her love for him.


Ganga gets the news that Sagar is returning home. Ganga dances and is very happy that she will be meeting Sagar after 10 years. She throws flowers and is mad in love.



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