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Gopi and her family and searching for Molu. Gaura is taking revenge from them and playing game. Jigar, Tolu and Gopi are walking on road and searching for Molu being very tensed. Urmila comes and asks Jigar what he would have answer to Rashi if she was alive.

Jamai Raja:

Sid fumes seeing a weird family claiming that Roshni is their bahu. Sid has lost his anger seeing new problem on Roshni. The new family is calling Roshni their bahu and caused disturbances in Sid-Roshni’s life. The guy’s mother starts putting shagun chunri on Roshni. They are villagers and claim that DD got little Roshni married in her childhood. DD and Sid try to stop the lady from doing rituals. The men hold Sid away. The family claims that Roshni has married that guy 23 years ago in childhood. The new guy has come to take his wife and wants to see what Sid does. Roshni and Sid scold that family. The family refuses to return without taking Roshni along.

Siya Ke Ram:

Ram will be seen defeating demoness Tadaka. The demoness will be seen spreading terror and chaos in the region. Ram will be fighting with the dangerous demoness. Ram is against fighting with any woman, but he takes this extreme step as Tadaka is very powerful Asur, whom just Ram can stop. Ram shoots the arrow at the batwoman Tadaka and kills her.

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Ishita and Shagun dance in a function while hiding from Ashok and his goons. Shagun runs from there where she is followed by goons. Raman gets glimpse of Ishita and stops her. Ishita manages to leave from there. The crocodile presence in the nearby lake is evident, and that track will follow now. Ishita saves Shagun from the lake seeing her sinking and a crocodile near her. The crocodile follows Ishita and bites her hand. Crocodile pulls Ishita in the lake and Shagun screams seeing the blood. The villagers come there and hit the crocodile with axes. The villagers save Ishita and bring her out. Shagun takes unconscious Ishita for the treatment to the hospital. The Bhalla family will know the truth that Shagun is alive, spotting her in the hospital.


Mata Kaali appears infront of nagins and tries to take their life. Sesha’s condition is very bad. Shivanya prays to Shiv to save Sesha, and lifts the Shiv idol and place it infront of Mata Kaali to calm her down. Sesha tries to stop her and the Mata Kaali cuts her hands and head to kill her. Sesha and Shivanya are Shiv’s bhakt. Guru Maa is doing havan of Kaali Maa as she is her bhakt. It is said that no naagin can stay infront of Mata Kaali. Shivanya’s prayers will bring Shiv infront of Kaali to save the naagins.

Maha Episode of Kaala Teeka and Sarojini:

Maha episode of Kaala Teeka and Sarojini. Sarojini is brought in the temple. Jethi maa brought her to temple, as the tantrik suggested her to give sacrifice of a newly bride. Sarojini cries as she is put to keep her head on the flat surface. Kaali comes and saves Sarojini. Sarojini puts the Shiv arrow and fights with Jethi Maa. She gives enough lecture to Jethi maa for her blind faith.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Aaliya is conspiring against Pragya again for making Purab and Bulbul married. Aaliya thinks to kill Pragya first. Abhi and Pragya continue to fight over property papers. Pragya thinks how to take property papers in her custody. Abhi thinks Pragya is making him dance on her tune. All the family members make the arrangements for Purab and Bulbul’s reception.

Bhagya Lakshmi:

There is a leap in the show Bhagya Lakshmi. Pavitra’s daughter is played by Pavitra herself. She is sitting casually with her friends and sees a business man getting down the car and going pass her. Pavitra’s daughter couldn’t stop staring him. It is a promo shot and the show is relaunching again. Sara Khan will be playing double roles of mum and daughter.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki is farming the land and manages to keep the plough on her back. Bihaan comes to her help and keeps plough on his back also. Thapki wants to win the super bahu title. They are participating in the Kiski Bahu Super Bahu contest. Thapki couldn’t see the insects on ox’s feet and takes the plough on her back to plough the field. Then they have to break the pot and sits on their respective husbands back while they walk in the fields till the end. Thapki will win in the contest as Bihaan is supporting her for her victory.

Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Vibhuti has turned into a Santa and has come to shower gifts on Angoori. Angoori dances with Santa. Angoori is very happy seeing so many gifts. Vibhuti goes to her to get a kiss from her. The gifts rain fall over Angoori.

Santoshi Maa:

Santoshi is great devotee of Santoshi Maa and has found another devotee Sanketh in Madhu’s house. Sanketh is Pratap’s employee. Devi Paulmi has chosen her medium to trouble Santoshi. She has seen Dhairya hurting Santoshi by his angry behavior. Devi Paulmi wants to create many hurdles in Santoshi’s life. Mata is sure that Sanketh will protect Santoshi. Sanketh and Dhairya will be against each other now. Dadi confronts Daksha for sending Santoshi to work as a maid by lying to her. Santoshi tells Dadi that she will continue the work and its her decision.


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