Dhaani’s love confession to invite trouble for Vidhani…



Dhaani’s love confession was much awaited. After Viplav planned to leave to give her a final ultimatum, Dhaani could not live without him. Dhaani missed him badly and realized what love means, and what Viplav filled in her heart. She sits crying thinking she has lost him, and sees his reflection in waters. She gets glad seeing him and stumbles, while he holds her hand. He asks her about her presence here, which makes her confess her love to him. She tells him that she does not care for the world, as he is with her. She says I love you and plays with red colors, which show her acceptance towards a new life. They get very happy as she agreed to marry him. Viplav breaks this news at home, which shocks Dasharath and Kanak. Kanak is against this marriage and will create troubles for Dhaani now. Dasharath will be cleverly plotting to stop the marriage.


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