Highlight: Dhaani and Viplav’s engagement to halt…



Viplav and Dhaani have a romantic date, post which Dhaani wears colorful clothes. Dhaani is happy to get married to Viplav. Dasharath plays a game and pretends to cry for his grandson, telling about Viplav’s life in danger if he marries Dhaani. Dhaani hears pandit telling Dasharath about Dhaani’s kundli dosh, by which her husband will die. Dhaani cries and tells Dasharath that if Viplav could give her a new life, she will go away from Viplav to save his life. Viplav meets with an accident, after his jeep brakes fail by Dasharath’s plans. Dasharath gets to know about Viplav’s accident, which makes Dhaani refuse for the marriage. Viplav gets fine and comes home. Later, Viplav waits for Dhaani for the engagement and goes to her ashram. Dhaani does not come in the engagement. Dulaari is worried for Dhaani’s kundli dosh and keeps a puja. The ladies gossip and this upsets Dulaari. Dulaari is doing Shuddi karan for Dhaani. Viplav goes to get Dhaani from the temple, but Dhaani makes up her mind and goes to his home for the rituals.


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