TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Rathi Family decided to get Lalima married. The sangeet function goes on well. Sandhya and Sooraj dance, and the wedding will be a good jolly track after much tension. Sandhya makes Sooraj forget the fear in his mind about breaking her trust. Sandhya and Sooraj’s arguments will be seen in coming episodes. Sandhya shows attitude to him and does not talk to him, while he gets curious for her behavior. Sooraj is in guilt and Sandhya wants to bring him out of his guilt. Sooraj feels Sandhya wants to dominate him. Sooraj and Sandhya’s track has changed for a while.


Sanskaar was about to fill sindoor in Swara’s maang, and Kavita happens to come there. Sanskaar stops seeing Kavita. Kavita runs to him and hugs him. There will be a love triangle in the show. Swara’s love will be tested again. Kavita does not have anyone in her life. Kavita loves Sanskaar. Its not Swara’s mistake as she is Sanskaar’s wife. Sanskaar loves Swara and has soft corner for his ex GF too. He is in dilemma and tries to talk to Swara. Swara and Sanskaar get away again. Swara was hoping to give her marriage a chance and was trying to tell him that she loves him a lot, but Kavita’s entry changes everything. Kavita can go to any extent to get Sanskaar.


Naitik and Akshara celebrate some good time again. Akshara came to know about Naitik’s sacrifice to shut his eyes to understand her pain. This made her come back in Singhania house. She tells Naitik that she was wrong to say he does not understand her. She requests him to open his eyes and become her sight. Whenever Akshara faces any problem, Naitik always helped her. Naitik tries to cheer her up and plans a picnic with the family. The family enjoys well. Naksh and Tara makes efforts to see all arrangements. Naitik and Akshara have a romantic dance. It’s a good outing for everyone.


Romi tells Mrs. Bhalla that Rohit is not his son. She does not believe it at first. Romi says its true, he is not our blood. He cries and tells her about Sarika’s big deceive. Raman and Ishita pacify Romi. Romi knows the truth now, that he is not father of Sarika’s child Rohit. Mrs. Bhalla is shattered knowing this. Ishita takes care of Rohit and adopts him. Romi felt Rohit is his child and this was his last chance to get his child. He is feeling bad by Sarika’s cheat, and is angered. He does not accept Rohit, and does not know what to do, as he can’t have any child again. Raman becomes Romi’s support.


Aaliya calls Vijay in some market to meet. Abhi and Pragya also come there and miss out Aaliya. Vijay gets spotted by Abhi. Abhi follows Vijay. Aaliya hides wearing the burqa. Vijay has become Abhi’s enemy too. Abhi wants to know the truth, why Vijay wants to kill Pragya. Bulbul has got injured, and Abhi is adamant to know the truth. Aaliya has hired Vijay to kill Pragya. Pragya asks Abhi not to let Vijay run away. Abhi asks Pragya to relax, and stops her. Vijay gets saved and flees. Aaliya plans something new and truth does not come out.


Viplav meets Dhaani at the ashram and shows their engagement ring. Dhaani avoids him. She tells him that she will not marry him and not keep any relation with him. She returns the ring to him. He scolds her for refusing to marriage. She asks him to leave from her ashram and gets angry. Dhaani is mistaken and has fallen in Dasharath’s trap. Viplav determines to make Dhaani understand what she means to him. Dhaani is doing this to save her love. Dhaani and Viplav have an argument. He says you made a joke of me to say yes and no for marriage. She says everything does not have a reason. Dhaani stops Viplav and confesses love again. Viplav was annoyed with her for having superstitions. Viplav makes her understand that she is everything for him, and nothing else matters. She apologizes to him. Viplav tells her that if he does not confess her love to him, he will jump down the cliff. She confesses love and hugs him. He asks her not to move back from marriage. Dasharath is trying hard to separate them and stop their marriage.


Nirbhay is troubling Ishani. Ishani is in problem again. She was thinking to go back to Ranveer, but Nirbhay has kept a condition for her. He asks her to convince Veer for Naina, then she can go away and get Ranveer’s medicines. When Ishani knows that Veer is Ranveer, then she refuses to get unite Ranveer and Naina. Nirbhay refuses to free Ranveer now from his plan. Ishani can’t make Ranveer marry Naina. She is with Nirbhay for Ranveer’s sake. Nirbhay blackmails Ishani.



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