Viplav clears Dhaani’s misconceptions to make all well…


ishq ka1

Viplav meets Dhaani at the ashram and shows their engagement ring. Dhaani avoids him. She tells him that she will not marry him and not keep any relation with him. She returns the ring to him. He scolds her for refusing to marriage. She asks him to leave from her ashram and gets angry. Dhaani is mistaken and has fallen in Dasharath’s trap. Viplav determines to make Dhaani understand what she means to him. Dhaani is doing this to save her love. Dhaani and Viplav have an argument. He says you made a joke of me to say yes and no for marriage. She says everything does not have a reason.

Dhaani stops Viplav from harming himself and confesses love again. Viplav was annoyed with her for having superstitions. Viplav makes her understand that she is everything for him, and nothing else matters. She apologizes to him. Viplav tells her that if he does not confess her love to him, he will jump down the cliff. She confesses love and hugs him. He asks her not to move back from marriage. Dasharath is trying hard to separate them and stop their marriage.



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