Kabir’s entry to hunt for Naagins; Naagin v/s Nevla track…

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Sesha has got her new love. Rajat Tokas has come in the show and is opposite Ada Khan. Sesha hugs Kabir and falls for him, seeing his honest eyes. Shivanya looks on from far. Sesha has fallen in love with Kabir. They meet in the party, where Sesha has come in disguise. There is a secret behind Kabir’s entry too. Sesha is a Icchadhaari Naagin, and Kabir is Icchadhaari mongoose. The snake and mongoose fight is from ancient years. They both hide this truth from each other, and show they are normal humans. The circumstances bring them closer. Sesha was stopping Shivanya from falling in love with Ritik. Sesha does not believe in love, but her opinion changes seeing Kabir.

Ritik’s mum gets Shivanya’s locket at Guru Maa’s place. She gets sure that Shivanya went to Guru Maa. She confronts Shivanya. Ritik’s mum tells Shivanya that she has gifted this locket to Shivanya and remembers it well. Shivanya makes excuse and lies about it. Later, Ritik welcomes Kabir at his home. Shivanya gets bad vibes from Kabir. Kabir is trying to stay in Ritik’s home. Kabir is enemy of Sesha and Shivanya. Sesha is worried as Kabir will be around Shivanya now. Sesha and Kabir’s first meet was romantic. Kabir flirts with Sesha and tries to make her fall in love with him. Kabir will cheat Sesha and try to kill her. Seems interesting. Keep reading.





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