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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Vasundara slaps Shraddha for adding harmful chemicals in gangajal water to harm Thapki. Shraddha got saved in nick of the time, as Vasundara changed the water. Shraddha sees Thapki being praised by Suman and Preeti. The ladies make some face packs and oils to glorify their beauty. Shraddha attempts to trouble Thapki and spoil her face again. Shraddha changes the face packs and adds some chemicals for Thapki. Shraddha can’t bear anyone praising Thapki. Thapki gives the face packs to Suman and Preeti.


Ranveer and Ishani see each other. Their love story will be ending. Ranveer is going to marry Naina. He feels Ishani married Nirbhay. Ishani cries seeing him and Amba at Nirbhay’s home. Ishani took Naina’s proposal to Ranveer on Nirbhay’s insistence. Ranveer agrees to make Ishani jealous. He keeps a condition that Ishani will do all the rituals in the marriage. Ishani is helpless as she is doing this to save Ranveer’s life. Ranveer wants to stay close to Ishani by marrying Naina, so that he finds the reason why Ishani is doing this. There will be Ranveer and Ishani’s hatred chemistry in the track.


There are many plannings going on in the show. Raj Mata spots Badi Rani Maa doing some magic. Gayatri sees a locket with Sartaj’s name written with blood in it. There are many enemies for Gayatri. This time the new planning is done by Badi Rani Maa. Badi Rani Maa will make Rajeshwari trap Rana ji in love and then blame him for molestation. Raj Mata gives her blood drops to keep a puja for Rana ji. She says I can do anything for my son. Gayatri is confused. She doubts Rajeshwari that Sartaj is innocent. She knows Rajeshwari lied and blamed Sartaj.


Ragini has got Laksh’s love in her life. She is glad to thinks to change back to her old avatar, which is more admired by Laksh. Laksh tells her that he wants to see her like before and helps her in dressing up. Ragini will change her modern look and get back to traditional attire. Laksh make Ragini wear the jewelry and cares for her. Ragini gets very glad. While Ragini will stop being after Swara and Sanskaar, Kavita will tackle Swara.


Ritik’s mum gets Shivanya’s locket at Guru Maa’s place. She gets sure that Shivanya went to Guru Maa. She confronts Shivanya. Ritik’s mum tells Shivanya about she has gifted this locket to Shivanya and remembers it well. Shivanya makes excuse and lies about it. Later, Ritik welcomes Kabir at his home. Shivanya gets bad vibes from Kabir. Kabir is trying to stay in Ritik’s home. Kabir is enemy of Sesha and Shivanya. Sesha is worried as Kabir will be around Shivanya now. Sesha and Kabir’s first meet was romantic. Kabir flirts with Sesha and tries to make her fall in love with him. Kabir will cheat Sesha and try to kill her.


Ishita gets shocked seeing Ashok out of jail. She runs to stop Ashok. She gets shocked to know Raman has freed Ashok. Raman takes the case back from Ashok. Raman did this to help Bala.



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  2. Mia Avatar

    Thapki Pyar Ki

  3. mathanky Avatar

    Thapki Pyar Ki??

  4. alisha Avatar

    So confused if that mad guy is out for revenge againt ranveer how come he can’t recognise the guy thats marfy his siter. Dumb ass.

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    tashan e ishq plzzzzz

  6. Dhruva Avatar

    What the hell ?????!!!!!! This much hate Ranveer………for whom..ISHANI how could you hate her….think hatred about her…she’s your first love and you never trust her only.????? Now I’m thinking Shikhar had made a wrong decision by let lshani go to Ranveer back…………now l don’t think that Ranveer deserves lshani anymore…..

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    yeh kahan aa gaye hum plzz

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    Suhani si ek Ladin
    Saathiya nibhana saathiya
    Yeh hai mohabatein
    Mere angne mei

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