TR Round Up Spoilers




Mata ji and others were shocked seeing Simar flying in air and attacking Prem. Mata ji was shocked when Simar was trying to kill Mata ji and Prem. Mata ji had no option than to end Simar’s evil. Mata ji brings Mata Rani’s trishul and keeps Simar away. They throw sindoor on Simar’s face. The evil spirit in Simar screams. Devika puts Mata Rani’s blessed sindoor on Simar. Simar faints. Mata ji knew how to make Simar fine. Mata ji, Prem and Devika succeeded to make Simar fine. Simar has got fine now, and the evil spirit by Paatali Devi has gone from her body. This happens by the family’s efforts. Simar will regret for her doings and apologize to family.


Pragya is broken and got Abhi’s shoulder to cry on. Pragya is shattered as her sister is not with her. Pragya regrets that she could not stop Bulbul from committing suicide. Pragya could not get Bulbul’s culprit punished. She tells Abhi that its all because of her. Pragya says I should have been down the chandelier, she saved me and died. Pragya tells Abhi that she has seen Bulbul dying infront of her, and feels guilty for not being able to save Bulbul. This pain is so big that Pragya can’t come out of it so soon. Abhi hugs her and pacifies.


Raman is taking naughty revenge from Ishita. Ishita did ghost drama and troubled him a lot. Now Raman is settling the scores. Raman gets Ishita lifted in the air, the same day she lifted him. Raman gets her in the compound to give a surprise, and shocks her. She asks him to get her down. Raman jokes on her and gets busy on phone. He makes her praise him so that he changes his mind and gets her down. He reminds how she showed her powers and shocked him. Raman brings her down and confesses love to her. They spend some romantic moments.


Sandhya is learning new tips to revive love from Meenakshi and Chaturi. She dresses in a Punjabi dress and looks gorgeous. Chaturi shows her some catwalk steps, and asks her to throw some feminine attitude around Sooraj. Meenakshi teaches Sandhya to woo Sooraj. Meenakshi and Chaturi want Sandhya and Sooraj’s love to get back to normal as before. Vikram and Bholaram give similar attitude classes to Sooraj. Sandhya tries to impress Sooraj and bowl him over by her new makeover.


Suwarna asks Dhaani to get Tripurari freed. Dhaani forwards this plea to Viplav. She asks him to get Tripurari out of jail for Suwarna’s happiness. Kanak and Tripurari have joined hands to get rid of Dhaani. Viplav tells Dhaani that he is against Tripurari and takes her promise that she won’t talk about Tripurari again. Kanak creates misunderstandings between Viplav and Dhaani, after their engagement. Tripurari gets freed from jail. Viplav thinks Dhaani went against him, when she knew well that he hates Tripurari’s deeds. Viplav goes to confront Dhaani about Tripurari getting freed from jail.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Gauri filed molestation case against Pankaj. Suhani has fell in big problem. The people get angry and blacken Pankaj and Suhani’s face with blank ink. Pankaj was arrested and taken away by police. When Suhani was saving her dad, people applied black ink on her face. Dadi humiliated Suhani and says this blank ink should be on your all family members’ faces. Yuvraaj was inside Birla house and did not come to save Suhani. Pankaj says we will prove everyone wrong. Dadi feels Pankaj is the culprit. Suhani goes to her parents’ home, and said she will prove Pankaj innocent. She will now find the culprit. Krishna and Soumya support Suhani in this matter.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni’s Shuddikaran is done. Bansi crossed her limits to get Roshni’s Shuddhikaran done and get her married to Kunal. Sid and DD watch all this. Sid feels helpless. Kunal removes Roshni’s mangalsutra. Everyone catch Roshni. Sid controls and does not react. Roshni asks Sid to help her. Sid’s dad Raj comes with women NGO people. Sid called Raj and planned this to stop Bansi’s move. Raj stops Kunal from hurting Roshni. Bansi argues with Raj and raises hand on Raj. Sid stops Bansi and says he will burn her hands if she slaps his dad. NGO ladies stop Bansi and blacken her face to teach a lesson. Raj and Sid thank the ladies. Sid thanks Raj and hugs him.



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