Chakor gets kidnapped; Khanna shuts down circus…



Chakor and Om are happy that bullet rani act got pulled off well. Chakor gets worried as power goes. She gets trapped in net and kidnapped by Khasta Kaka. Everyone come back after the power comes. They don’t see Chakor and try to find her. Vishakha rushes to Khanna and informs him that Chakor has disappeared. Megha worries after she sees blood on Om’s face. They all assume Chakor is in danger, after bullet rani act. They realize Chakor has been kidnapped. Everyone request Khanna to shut the circus, as its getting deadly for the artists. Bhaiya ji does not get Chakor, as Khasta took her underground to keep her trapped. Khanna shuts down the circus. Bhaiya ji comes back to his haveli and slaps Manohar for making decisions on his own.

Vivaan can’t see the kids crying by thirst and kept locked. He asks Ranjana to help the kids. Ranjana assures Vivaan that she will help those kids. Vivaan tells the kids that he will save them. Khasta brings rats near Chakor in order to shock her. Chakor struggles to get free and know the hidden joker. She realizes that she is underground, still inside the circus ground.


  1. Most awaited moment in udaan serial..jst cnt wait to see new chakor..a grown up lady..aditya ..imli stars..yippee !!! Whos she..any clues??…love triangle wil writer or udaan..wil miss u little chakor


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