Viplav to find Shambu’s murderer; Tripurari in suspicion…


ishq ka1

Kanak planned to get Dasharath killed by Tripurari, but as fate has it written…. Kanak’s husband Shambu gets killed. Tripurari did not know Shambu was in Dasharath’s room and this crime took place in darkness. Kanak hates widows and now she has turned into a widow herself. Her anger and hatred for Dhaani does not end. Kanak does not learn any lesson after losing her husband. She burns her colorful clothes and dons a white saree, after Sushma breaks her bangles. Kanak accepts a widow’s life only to get rid of Dhaani out of their lives. After losing Shambu, Kanak’s hatred gets high for Dhaani who takes Shambu’s death as a sacrifice in her plan.

Kanak scolds Tripurari for killing Shambu and threatens him of sending him to jail. Tripurari has the video recording wherein she asked him to kill Dasharath. Tripurari blackmails her and uses video for his freedom. Tripurari and Kanak still work together to stop Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage. Kanak blames Dhaani for Shambu’s death and calls her unlucky for their family. She tells about Dhaani’s bad kundli dosh. Viplav supports Dhaani and tells Kanak that Dhaani’s kundli does not have any dosh. Viplav stands by Dhaani and is sure that Shambu was killed. Viplav is determined to prove Tripurari’s involvement in Shambu’s death and tells Kanak that Shambu was murdered. How will Viplav prove this? Keep reading.



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