TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Dharam loves Meera and is mad about her. He asks if she loves him. Dharam wants Meera to confess her love to him and writes her name written on his hand with a knife. Meera is teary eyes looking at Dharam’s madness. She tries to stop him. Dharam asks her to confess love repeatedly. Meera is falling for Dharam and is loving him slowly. She couldn’t believe that anyone can love her so madly. Meera got Dharam freed from police station. Dharam believes that Meera loves him, but is not confessing love. Sona and Tolu’s reception is going on downstairs and Meera and Dharam’s drama continues in room. Ahem and everyone come there, and he threatens Dharam. Ahem asks him to keep away from his daughter. Meera feels bad for Dharam. She wants everything to be sort out between Ahem and Dharam. He holds his hand and takes him out of room, while everyone follow.


Shanti is doing Sadhvi’s act and is planning against Riya. This time Shanti plays a big game. Shanti has become a Sadhvi and wants to show the family that she has nothing to do with the house affairs now.

Jamai Raja:

Kunal pushes Sid from the terrace as everyone was busy in flying kites. Roshni happens to see Kunal pushing Sid from terrace and slaps him hard. DD, Mona, Nani, Kesar, and Shabnam come there. Kunal says it is enough now. Roshni asks what you have done? Kunal says I am your husband and you are my wife, only I have the right on you. Kunal’s real face have come infront of Roshni. Sid returns back and Roshni hugs him shocking Kunal and Bansi.


Raman beats Ashok’s brother infront of everyone. Raman is back in angry avatar and beats his enemy. Raman is angry as Suraj went to Vandita’s college to blacken her face, but Shagun enters there and tells the people standing there that Suraj is a cheap business man. Suraj wants to take revenge. Raman also comes there with Bala and Ishita and beats Suraj angrily. Suraj gets his face blackened by the eunuchs on the road. Raman and Ishita look on. Suraj was troubling Vandu. Mihika and Romi take the pics. Suraj feels humiliated and does not know Mihika and Romi planned all this.


Ganga dreams about her love. She has realized her love for Sagar and wants to spend time with her. Whenever she closes her eyes, she sees Sagar. Her love for Sagar is growing day by day and she is day dreaming about him.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya attend a party. Pragya gets a new makeover. Kya Kool Hai Hum stars promote the movie. Abhi dances with the stars, while Pragya watches him. Pragya will expose Tanu and Nikhil’s truth, and Tusshar-Aftab are giving a tadka to the show. Pragya tells Aftab and Tusshar about Tanu who lied that she has Abhi’s child, but she is having her lover Nikhil’s child. She shows Tanu and Nikhil. Aftab and Tusshar help Pragya. Pragya suspects Nikhil has come. Aftab and Tusshar go to catch him, and it turns out to be with Abhi.


Gayatri and Rana ji will have a big storm in their lives after Avdesh’s shocking death. Rageshwari loved her brother Avdesh a lot. Now that Rana ji has killed him, Rageshwari turns revengeful. Rageshwari has pulled Avdesh’s funeral herself. Rageshwari swears that she will marry Rana ji and ruin him. She is going mad in revenge motive.


Sanskaar and Swara are happy now. Sanskaar makes Swara wear a ring. Swara did not expect Sanskaar to be so romantic. The balloon bursts and gets the ring. Sanskaar gifts her a blue short dress. Swara wears the special dress for him, and looks different from her Indian attires. Their surprises are not ending. But their love caught someone’s bad sight. Ragini’s Maasi is trying her best to stop Sanskaar and Swara’s marriage.


Chotu meets Arzoo and a new planning will start. Sandhya and Sooraj have romance. They meet after few days. Sandhya lights candles in the room and decorates with flowers. She catches Sooraj who teases her and does not come infront of her. They spend some romantic time. Sooraj and Sandhya have come together again, and all gets fine between them. Bhabho and everyone get together in Chotu’s marriage preparations. Sandhya pulls Chotu’s leg. Meenakshi tries saving money and does not change.


Suhani doubts on Aditya that he is the one who had done the crime. She has got Aditya’s shirt with vase glass pieces. Suhani tells this to entire family. Dadi supports Aditya and scolds Suhani. Suhani finds it strange and wants to know the truth why Dadi is trapping Pankaj.



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