Dharam’s crazy love for Meera shocks Modis….



Gaura and Kokila dance together in Sona’s function. Gaura has forgiven Kokila and hugs her. the entire family gets shocked seeing their friendship. Kokila surrenders to Gaura and ends all enmity. She supports Gaura against her Modi family, which shocks the family.

Dharam begs to Modi family and asks for Meera’s hand. He sits on his knees and apologizes to them. He says he does not know what this feeling is called, but no one can love Meera more than him. Dharam writes Meera’s name on his hand with knife. Gaura gets worried for Dharam. Ahem scolds Dharam and asks him not to take Meera’s name again. Dharam gets humiliated by Modis. Meera cries seeing Dharam’s madness. Ahem drags Dharam outside. Dharam bears all the insult silently, just for Meera. Dharam asks them to ask Meera once, whether she will accept Dharam’s love. Meera likes him and before she could say anything, Gopi requests Dharam to leave from Modi house. Dharam says he is listening to Ahem, as Ahem is Meera’s father. He greets them and leaves angrily.


  1. this is stupidity….dharam is of the age of ahem…how can meera love someone of father’s age. moreover, dharam’s son is the husband of vidya, who is the sister of meera. all the relations will become complicated. i wanted meera to marry or love someone who suits her.


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