Highlight: Dasharath gets suspicious about Kanak…


ishq ka1

Kanak thinks sending Dhaani to jail is her victory and celebrates the moment with Tripurari. But her happiness gets short lived. Viplav gets angry by Dhaani’s arrest and goes to confront Kanak for it. Viplav gets Dhaani freed from jail and shows trust in her. He asks Dhaani not to feel guilty of anything and also remarks Dhaani’s innocene to Kanak. Kanak tries attempting suicide and Viplav stops her. Kanak and Tripurari’s planning gets in Dasharath’s sight. Dasharath senses something is fishy and doubts on Kanak. Dasharath asks Dhaani to organize a puja and gives her the responsibility. This shocks Kanak. Dhaani turns a savior for Dasharath and saves him from the aghori Babas. Viplav and Dhaani join hands to find proof against Tripurari, being sure that Tripurari has killed Shambu.


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