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Rageshwari is getting close to Rana ji. Rageshwari is psychotic. She burns her back and shows Rana ji that she got burnt. She asks him to apply the ointment. Rana ji applies the ointment on her insistence. He turns his face away. Gayatri’s doubt on Rageshwari gets sure that Sartaj did not molest Rageshwari. Rageshwari tries to woo Rana ji and Gayatri sees them. Gayatri gets jealous seeing Rana ji with Rageshwari. The upcoming twist is Rana ji and Rageshwari’s marriage. Gayatri will herself make invitations of Rana ji and Rageshwari’s marriage.


Ganga recalls her childhood with Sagar. Pulkit and Supriya get married. Seeing them in mandap, Ganga visualizes herself and Sagar. She believes she is Sagar’s wife and has his name’s sindoor since 10 years. Little Ganga and Sagar get married and take rounds, as per Ganga’s visualization. Sagar tells Ganga that he loves Jhanvi, leaving Ganga shocked.

Balika Vadhu:

Akhiraj swears to kill Anandi, Jagya, Mangla and Nimboli and calls them to Jodhpur where he has kept Ganga captive. Jagya agrees to his condition being helpless and takes Anandi, Nimboli and Mangla to Jodhpur. Akhiraj brings Ganga. Jagya gets relieved to see his wife alive. Just as Akhiraj and his goons are about to kill Jagya and others, the secret police who was hidden in the sand of the desert comes out and attack Akhiraj, Badri, Gajraj and other goons. Akhiraj will be shocked knowing Jagya is one more step ahead of him being a intelligent mastermind who laid a plan to trap him and get his wife freed from his clutches. Akhiraj and his goons will be arrested by the police. Meanwhile, Anandi decides to tell Nimboli about her being her mum shockingly Mangla.

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost:

Ishaan decides to help Yug find the truth, and shares his plan with him. He gets to know through the book that he can enter human body thrice. He enters Yug’s body and goes to Sophia’s house. He then enters Veronica’s body and talks to Keith. She asks Keith if he will kill her also. Keith says if she opens her mouth then he will not hesitate to kill her, just like he has killed Peter and the Palekars. Yug and Ishaan get shocked knowing the truth. They determine to take revenge from Keith, and try to bring out his truth infront of Sophia.


Laksh wants to take revenge from Ragini for all the insult which she has done to his parents and family. He wants to take revenge for all her lies, for her conspiracies, for her betrayals. He tries to win her confidence and that’s why accepted her as his wife. Ragini gets happy and believes Laksh loves her. Laksh asks her to sign on the insurance papers which he is going to take on their names. However Ragini doesn’t sign and makes his thump impression printed on the papers. Laksh tears it angrily, determines to get her sign to get his property, house and company back on his father’s name. He thinks once she signs on the property and also divorce papers, their relation will end and his revenge will be fulfilled. He is happy after Swara and Sanskar’s upcoming marriage. Ragini’s maasi Urvashi doesn’t want Swara and Sanskar to marry and conspires to kill Swara and Sanskar. She tries to prove Swara inauspicious infront of her family members.





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