TR Round Up Spoilers




Dharam begs to Modi family and asks for Meera’s hand. He sits on his knees and apologizes to them. He says he does not know what this feeling is called, but no one can love Meera more than him. Dharam writes Meera’s name on his hand with knife. Gaura gets worried for Dharam. Ahem scolds Dharam and asks him not to take Meera’s name again. Dharam gets humiliated by Modis. Meera cries seeing Dharam’s madness. Ahem drags Dharam outside. Dharam bears all the insult silently, just for Meera. Dharam asks them to ask Meera once, whether she will accept Dharam’s love. Meera likes him and before she could say anything, Gopi requests Dharam to leave from Modi house. Dharam says he is listening to Ahem, as Ahem is Meera’s father. He greets them and leaves angrily.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya’s love story is not completing. Pragya is shedding tears again. She is missing Bulbul and cries. She talks to Bulbul’s pic and says she will always keep her alive in her heart. Abhi hears her. Abhi sees Pragya in pain and goes to lighten his heart with Tanu. He asks Tanu to come along. Before Abhi and Tanu could go on lunch date, he gets Nikhil’s greeting card. Abhi asks Tanu what is all this, love you card etc. Tanu lies and says someone proposed Aaliya, and Aaliya refused. Pragya is feeling lonely as Bulbul is dead and Abhi is also going to leave her now. Abhi is planning to marry Tanu and give the child his name. Pragya cries knowing this. Tanu will use their distance well.


Devika ties the coconut in the chunri and ties it to the tree. Strong winds blow and the coconut falls. Paatali Devi gets freed and now Devika faces her wrath. The coconut falls down and Devika’s hardwork fails. Paatali Devi says I will go, but not alone, I want to take Simar with me. Bharadwaj family was thinking they got freed from evil. They celebrate lohri and wanted to burn all evil in the lohri fire. They get happy as Simar and Prem united again. Mata ji wants to break Prem and Devika’s marriage by some ritual. Devika comes back in Bharadwaj house and does not want to leave the family. Prem and Simar get into an argument. Prem slaps her. Simar will become queen of Paatal-log.

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There will be past birth twist in the show. Shivanya gets unwell seeing the havan kept on Naag panchami to kill the Naagins. Shivanya gets affected by the Naagin tune. Ritik’s family asks Shivanya to sit in havan. Ritik keeps the havan on his parents’ anniversary, as told by Guru Maa. Shivanya comes in her Naagin form. Ritik’s dad sees the Naagin and follows her. He calls Ritik and makes him hear the conversation between him and Naagin. Ritik hears everything and informs his mum. Ritik’s mum Yamini ask Ritik to get the knife given by Guru Maa. They both reach there to stab the Naagin. Ritik stabs Naagin. Guru Maa sees the blood on the knife and says Naagin is stabbed. Ritik’s dad says she will come back again, she is not dead yet.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki gives aarti to Shraddha. Shraddha acts as if Thapki burnt her hand. Shraddha shows the mark on her hand. Vasundara blames Thapki to have done this intentionally. Dadi says Thapki is doing all mistakes these days. Bau ji asks Thapki to be careful. Thapki goes to her room and cries by losing everyone’s trust. Bihaan tells Thapki that he knows she did not burn Shraddha’s hand, why is she scared of everyone. He asks her to dare and answer the truth to the family, if she can always fight with him. Thapki says I can’t do this, I don’t have any proof against Shraddha, who will believe me if I tell them. Bihaan makes a plan and puts a spy camera in Ram pyaari’s neck. Shraddha says I will play with Ram pyaari and acts sweet infront of Bau ji. Bau ji asks Shraddha to take Ram pyaari with her.



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