Simar’s journey in Paatal Lok gets tough…



Simar has reached Paatal lok with Devika. Devika asks her to cross the chess floor. Simar gets stuck and calls Devika asking her to save her. Devika has left Simar alone. Simar’s journey to Paatal lok have just begin. If she does any mistake then she will die. Anyhow Simar reaches Paatal lok somehow, but Paatali Devi couldn’t do see her because of Devimaa’s blessings. It is yet to be seen Simar’s stunt in Pataal lok and if she will return back home defeating Paatali Devi.


Paatal lok’s story still continues. Paatali Devi was hurting Devika and holds her neck. Simar comes to Paatal lok to save Devika. She gets a trishul and stops Paatali Devi. Paatali Devi insults Mata Rani’s pure trishul and throws it. She threatens Simar. Simar’s patience breaks and she challenges to end Paatali Devi. Simar gets the trishul and it turns golden by Mata Rani’s blessings. Paatali Devi fumes. Simar brings tulsi and plants in Paatal lok to purify the place, but without sunlight, its tough for tulsi plant to grow in evil Paatal lok. How will Simar manage to defeat Paatali Devi? Keep reading.


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