Suhani exposes Gauri’s plans; Dadi gets in trouble….



It has been predictable that Gauri was blaming Pankaj, after seeing the girl’s behavior getting madly in love with Aditya. Even though, the track brought court room drama which went on for long. After the shocking truth of Gauri’s hatred for Suhani, the family gets in disbelief over Gauri’s crazy move to blame Pankaj for molestation. Pratima supports Suhani, while Yuvraaj lost his trust when Suhani pointed to Gauri for fake blame. Suhani gets annoyed with Yuvraaj for not trusting her. He felt she is desperate to blame Gauri just to get Pankaj freed. Another issue that pops up is Dadi’s involvement in filling Gauri’s ears against Suhani and Aditya’s lies to trap Pankaj. Dadi and Aditya played an indirect part in Gauri’s plan, for which the family gets angry on them. Suhani finds it hard to forgive Gauri, as Pankaj’s respect got ruined because of her. Knowing Dadi’s dislike and Gauri’s hatred, she decides to move out of Birla house. Will Suhani get Gauri punished? Keep reading.


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