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Ishita can’t believe that she stabbed Chadda. She sits in shock. Pallavi explains Ishita that Chadda has died, and they both try to hide the corpse. They put the body in a suitcase and drag it, so that they can hide the murder truth. Ishita does not want Pallavi and herself to get arrested. The murder happened in self defense, but it’s a crime.

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Siya Ke Ram:

Ram and Sita get married in everyone’s presence and by elder’s blessings. Siya Ram have united once again in this birth. Lord Narayan and Devi Laxmi in human avatars have united on the earth. Everyone get happy for Ram and Sita’s marriage. Ram and Sita take the wedding rounds. Ramayan’s new Adhyay started in the show. Their marriage is witnessed by everyone. Everyone shower flowers on the couple. They all bless Ram and Sita, after the marriage happens in Mithila.

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Shivanya is in trouble and Ritik has understood this. Ritik visualizes Shivanya is in big problem. He worries for Shivanya as a glass breaks by his hands. Sesha as Shivanya is present around him. Ritik feels something is wrong, as he can’t see his Shivanya in Sesha. He loves Shivanya and emotionally connects with her. He feels Shivanya is in danger and calls her name out. Yamini explains him that Shivanya is here. Sesha comes to him and says she is fine. Yamini pacifies Ritik. Sesha falls in problem, as Ritik always wants Shivanya with him. Sesha has to leave for Shiv temple to see Shivanya.


Gayatri is doing Rageshwari’s Abhishek by milk and flowers. Rageshwari falls in the mud and blames Gayatri for it. She asks Gayatri to do her Abhishek. Gayatri did not think she will do Dudh Abhishek of her enemy. Rageshwari is going to become Rana ji’s wife. She gets milk and rose petals for Rageshwari. This was Gayatri’s punishment, as she made Rageshwari fall in mud.


Gopi has come to know that the lady in her house is fake Kokila. She goes to confront the doppelganger. Fake Kokila makes her talk to Kokila who is kidnapped by her. Gopi talks to Kokila and requests the fake one to free her mum in law. Gopi begs to fake Kokila to leave Kokila, and she won’t tell anyone about her. Fake Kokila continuously slaps Gopi and tries suffocating her neck. Gopi falls down by the continuous slaps. Gopi gets hurt and bears everything to save her mum in law. Fake Kokila will try to leave the house, and this drama will be blamed on Gopi. She wants to emotionally blackmail Ahem and others, and make Gopi fall in their eyes. She takes the slap revenge from Gopi. Gopi says I will do whatever fake Kokila says. Gopi falls in her feet.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti starts divide and rule policy. She tells Kaushalya how she used to have the excess savings in her hand to that she can use in tough time and reminds how she saved Raghav’s name by paying kirana guy with her savings. She suggests Kaushalya to take money from Riya and keep for emergency need. Kaushalya asks Riya to give the excess money after clearing all the monthly expenses. Shanti feels Riya will not agree, and this will break the saas-bahu unity. Riya challenges Shanti that she will run home well and better than her, with which Shanti’s management will be forgotten soon. This provokes Shanti to plan big against Riya.


Pratima supports Suhani, while Yuvraaj lost his trust when Suhani pointed to Gauri for fake blame. Suhani gets annoyed with Yuvraaj for not trusting her. He felt she is desperate to blame Gauri just to get Pankaj freed. Another issue that pops up is Dadi’s involvement in filling Gauri’s ears against Suhani and Aditya’s lies to trap Pankaj. Dadi and Aditya played an indirect part in Gauri’s plan, for which the family gets angry on them. Suhani finds it hard to forgive Gauri, as Pankaj’s respect got ruined because of her.


Paatal lok’s story still continues. Paatali Devi was hurting Devika and holds her neck. Simar comes to Paatal lok to save Devika. She gets a trishul and stops Paatali Devi. Paatali Devi insults Mata Rani’s pure trishul and throws it. She threatens Simar. Simar’s patience breaks and she challenges to end Paatali Devi. Simar gets the trishul and it turns golden by Mata Rani’s blessings. Paatali Devi fumes. Simar brings tulsi and plants in Paatal lok to purify the place, but without sunlight, its tough for tulsi plant to grow in evil Paatal lok.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki gets revived by Bihaan’s efforts. She heads for home without seeing Bihaan at the hospital. Bihaan rushes to stop Thapki. Shraddha gets tensed and names Vasundara in the confession. Bihaan and Shraddha have an argument. Shraddha breaks out to family about Thapki’s death. Thapki comes home safe. Vasundara gets to know about Thapki’s critical state by hearing Bihaan. She feels really guilty to take someone’s life and shouts at Shraddha for risking Thapki’s life. Shraddha gets angry as Vasundara turns soft hearted towards Thapki. She plans to use Dhruv to win Vasundara’s trust again.

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Viplav wants to get justice for his father Shambu’s death. Dhaani is helping him by protecting the evidence against Tripurari. Viplav thanks Dhaani for her support. The court case begins and Viplav fails to prove Tripurari guilty. Viplav doubts that someone from his family is backing Tripurari. He has no idea that its Kanak, as she would never make herself a widow. Viplav gets angry seeing Tripurari with fake proofs to prove himself innocent. Tripurari then breaks out his relation with Dasharath. He announces in the court that he is Dasharath’s son, and would never kill his step brother Shambu. This truth brings a big shock for the family.



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