YHM Alert: Ishita caught in Chadda’s murder



Ishita has done murder to save Pragati. Ishita kills Mr. Chadda to save Pragati. Pallavi calls Ishita and informs her life is in danger. Mr. Chadda comes to know that Rohit is Pallavi’s illegitimate son with her boyfriend and gets furious. He takes her to room and tries to kill her. Ishita comes there to rescue her. Mr. Chadda tries to take the knife and it gets stabbed in his stomach killing him instantly.


Ishita can’t believe that she stabbed Chadda. She sits in shock. Pallavi explains Ishita that Chadda has died, and they both try to hide the corpse. They put the body in a suitcase and drag it, so that they can hide the murder truth. Ishita does not want Pallavi and herself to get arrested. The murder happened in self defense, but it’s a crime.

Pallavi tells Ishita that they shall dump the body, but Ishita surrenders herself. There will be new entry of the lady lawyer Niddhi Chabbra who will fight Ishita’s case. Ishita will be going to jail and Raman will be making dramatic decisions to get her free. Very soon Ruhi will be kidnapped by the terrorist, and Ishita and ACP will try to rescue her.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRknUeCaPQc]


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