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After the court room sequence, Viplav and Dhaani have some romantic moments in the rain. Viplav apologizes to her. Dhaani is annoyed with him. He holds her and explains her how much he loves her. Dhaani loses the proof CD. Viplav scolds Dhaani for losing the evidence to get Tripurari punished. While Kanak and Tripurari have swapped the CD, Dhaani does not know this. Durga is sure that Tripurari is innocent. Viplav tries convincing Dhaani. Dhaani forgives him and they hug. This turns out to be a dream sequence of Viplav. Tripurari flirts with Dhaani and gets slapped by her. Viplav heads from home to meet Dhaani and get her forgiveness.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi is angry on Tanu as she did not come to meet him. Tanu goes to meet Nikhil. Later, Tanu takes a bouquet for Abhi. Tanu gifts it to Abhi by meeting him early morning. Pragya argues with Tanu. Abhi flirts with Tanu, and makes Pragya jealous.


Sandhya gets a threatening note and checks for the bomb, as she proceeds for flag raising on republic day. Sooraj worries and asks Sandhya to come back. Some men try to scare Sandhya by the bomb. Sooraj asks Sandhya to stop. Sandhya checks the bouquets and gets the fake bomb, which was kept to ruin the peace. Sooraj gets relieved. She gets a call and a man tells her about the person keeping this bomb here and taking the Indian flag. He tells her that its someone from her own group. Sandhya thinks to find out the person behind this.


Sanskaar doubts Kavita is after some plans. He follows some girl and reaches the temple. Kavita hides her face and gets between the crowd. Kavita runs from there. Sanskaar could not see her.

Meri Saasu Maa:

Pari and Satyendra/Sattu have romance while playing a game Gilli-danda. They have an eyelock. Pari wins the game. Pari had come to thank Sattu as he has helped her. Sattu challenges her for a game. Sattu is a champion in the game, and makes Pari win by intentionally losing. He distributes chocolates to all the kids. He is in love with Pari.


Fake Kokila goes to have food outside and asks the food stall man to give her food. She argues with the stall man and asks him to put extra chutney. A lady beggar asks her for food. Fake Kokila beats the lady and they both get into a serious fight. The beggar pushes her in the lake. Gopi reaches there and brings Fake Kokila out of the lake. Fake Kokila asks Gopi to pardon her, and let her go for Krishna Bhakti. On the other hand, Gaura wants to erase Meera’s name from Dharam’s hand. She puts a hot iron near Dharam while he was sleeping. Durga comes on time and holds the hot iron, to save Dharam. Dharam wakes up by her scream. Gaura scolds Durga by putting all the blame on her for burning Dharam’s hand. Gaura raises hand on Durga, and Vidya stops Gaura.


  1. Earlier there were full updates of ptkk and yeh hai aashiqui but not anymore………please continue and also give spoilers of sadda haq.


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