HAVE YOUR SAY!! — Piya on SNS and Swaragini

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Where does show takes viewers by using plastic surgeries to their plots and now to the limit again… to use face masks which easily fits to any random face. Random people wear face masks and enter the family. Is this really practical to show in prime shows where people expect some sense in drama. It is like watching any comedy in super drama oriented shows. Recently I have seen Saath Nibhana Saathiya and Swaragini mask techniques. Both shows have vamps using perfect face masks. It also makes them change their body personality and total makeover. I don’t expect good shows to run any such non practical stories. SNS was indeed a good show with Gopi and Rashi story. I don’t know where it is going now a days. Same case with Swaragini. It has similar concept of sisters fight. Story is going out of the way in Swaragini also. I want to see some real entertainment. Atleast fit some comedy and romance to take shows high, than evil games.

TR would like to thank Piya for this input.

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