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Abhishek gets terrorist Kaali out as per the condition kept by Kaali’s men. He asks the men to leave Ruhi. Kaali is allowed to go out. Kaali gets Ruhi and breaks the promise. Ishita gets angry and runs to beat Kaali. She takes Ruhi from him and shows Chandi avatar. Ishita saves Ruhi, when Kaali caught Ruhi infront of police. Ishita attacks on Kaali and makes him fall. Ruhi hugs Ishita. Raman hugs them and beats Kaali. Now the focus gets on Ishita again for Chadda’s case.


Ishani is giving Agni Pariskha. Nirbhay’s mother makes her walk on the hot coal. She says Ishani has done a sin and makes her repent. Tantric baba tells about Ishani’s Agni Pariksha. Nirbhay’s mum insults Ishani, as she came home after meeting Ranveer. Nirbhay feels Ishani wants to break Ranveer and Naina’s relation. He raises hand and scolds Ishani. Ishani defends herself and is ready to do anything to prove herself right. Ishani walks on the hot coal.


There is Krishna puja going in Ritik’s house. Shivanya dresses to mesmerize Ritik. Ritik and Shivanya pray together. Yamini wants to keep this puja to get free of Naagins. Yamini wishes Shivanya gives the good news soon. Yamini wishes to get a grandson. Naagin has bitten Shailesh and killed him. Ritik gives this news to everyone. Ritik fumes and tells everyone that Naagin has brutally killed Shailesh. The family gets shocked. Ritik has witnessed Naagin killing Shailesh. Ramya faints by the shock.


Gayatri and Rageshwari have a fight near the mandap. Gayatri is anger on her sautan and fights with her. Rana ji stops their catfight and angrily leaves from there. Gayatri gets a gun and stops Rageshwari. Gayatri threatens her to stop the marriage. Rageshwari pulls Gayatri’s hair and they fight. Rana ji and Rageshwari get married. Rageshwari has become Rana ji’s third wife. Rageshwari says I m now married to Rana ji and will ruin Rana ji and Gayatri.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan and Thapki have set a new house outside the Pandey Nivaas. Bihaan does not let Thapki go out and shuts the gate. He asks her not to go to her parents’ house. They set a home in the stable in Pandey Nivaas premises. Thapki gives him a note of the necessary things needed for living. Bihaan gets small stove, utensils, few vegetables and fruits. Bihaan is worried for Thapki. He wants to send Thapki back home. He intentionally does not get salt and wants Thapki to interact with family, so that she still meets them. Thapki cooks food, and Bihaan cleans the place. They both support each other and have nonstop nok jhok. Bihaan knows Thapki can never be wrong and is very supportive of her, while Dhruv misunderstood Thapki.


Swara gets a proof finally. Swara goes to Maasi’s room and checks the cupboard. Swara got the mask, by which Maasi ji is scaring Sumi. Maasi was making family scared of Janki’s ghost. The family does not know this truth, so they all behave normal. Sanskaar comes home and pampers Swara with many shagun gifts. Swara is disturbed and wants to find out why Maasi is doing this. The moment is happy, but Swara is lost. Swara wants to know who is helping Maasi in troubling Sumi.

Tashan E Ishq:

Kunj and Twinkle have super romance on their surprise date. Kunj surprises her with mind blowing decorations. It seems like heaven for Twinkle. Kunj gives her a rose and confesses love to her. Twinkle also confesses her love for him. Kunj opens his arms, for her reply. Twinkle hugs him and they are in their dreamy world. This turns out to be Twinkle’s dreams. Kunj starts moving away from Twinkle. There is a twist in the show. Twinkle gets afraid of the upcoming danger for their love. Kunj’s life will fall in danger in next track, which Twinkle senses in her dream.

Jamai Raja:

Kunal and Roshni got engaged. Sid has failed and could not save Roshni from becoming Roshni of Kunal. He has got beaten up by Kunal and tries to remind Roshni of their love. Sid is staying as Jyoti Bai. Roshni does not get her memory back. Sid’s smile disappeared. Bansi gives some money to Sid. Roshni started behaving like ideal wife and applies ointment to Kunal’s wounds. It is high time that Roshni gets her memory back. Sid can’t bear all this. Shabnam is doing black magic on Roshni, by which Roshni lost her memory.





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