Highlight: Kanak attemps to kill Dhaani in Ishq Ka…

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Kanak makes it clear to Dhaani that she doesn’t wish to see her marrying her son and hurts her also. Dasharath starts suspecting Kanak. Meanwhile, Dhaani and Viplav spend some romantic moments after donating gold cat in the temple. Viplav surprises Dhaani and shows their wedding card. Dhaani gets happy and smiles. Viplav confesses his love again. Dhaani comes to meet Viplav and Kanak follows her. Viplav gets irked seeing Kanak accompanying Dhaani. Kanak does not let them meet. Dhaani desperately tries to meet Viplav and spend some time. Kanak keeps Mata Ki chowki as per her new plotting.

Kanak plans Mata Ki Chowki to make Dhaani away from Viplav. Viplav’s friend spikes Dhaani’s drink. Dhaani gets dizzy and high after getting drunk. Dhaani gets away from the ashram and feels guilty that she got drunk. Kanak creates a big scene when Dhaani reaches ashram in morning. Kanak enquires about Dhaani’s night out and remarks Dhaani for spending the while night away from ashram. Kanak provokes the people and plans to burn the ashram to punish Dhaani. She plots all this to kill Dhaani in the fire. How will Dhaani get saved by Kanak’s evil plan? Keep reading.





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