Highlight: Ram-Sita’s new Adhyay starts in Ayodhya…


siya ke ram

Dasharath promises Janak that he will not hurry for the bidaai ritual. Janak gets relieved and postpones the bidaai. Janak feels he can’t part with his daughters. Sunaina pacifies Janak and reminds him how he got mentally prepared for this day since years, and now when the moment has arrived, he is falling weak. She asks him to send the girls to Ayodhya, as their future lies there. Sita leaves the decision on Janak and tells how he has molded the daughter’s lives by knowledge and independent thoughts. Sita’s speech encourages Janak to become tension free and send the girls with confidence and assurance. The bidaai takes place from Mithila.

Sita bids farewell to Mithila. The Praja of Mithila and neighboring Rajyas comes to bid goodbye to Sita and her sisters. Ram promises to take care of Sita at all times. Ram-Sita and other couples leave for Ayodhya. They all get to understand each other better on their way to Ayodhya. Ayodhya’s queens welcome their Putravadhus.



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