Kunj and Yuvraj’s action fight next in Tashan E Ishq

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Kunj tells Twinkle that he is always with her, he will set everything right. He assures Twinkle that they both will save Mahi’s life from getting ruined by Yuvi. Twinkle and Kunj dance in Mahi and Yuvi’s sangeet on the song Salaam e Ishq. Twinkle makes a plan to make Yuvi speak out the truth, so that Kunj records his confession and show up to Mahi. Twinkle hides her face and gets in a dancer’s getup. Yuvi realizes Kunj and Twinkle’s plan and gets angered deciding to hurt Twinkle.

Kunj and Yuvraaj a have a big fight in the hospital ward. They both show the real tashan. But why are Kunj and Yuvraj fighting so much that it seems either one of them will survive. They both get their anger on each other and this makes an action scene seen after a long time in the show. The reason for this is Twinkle again. During Yuvraj and Mahi’s sangeet, Mahi gets hurt. There is abshagun in sangeet, the champagne bottle opener hits on Mahi’s face and she falls down. Leela worriedly rushes Mahi to hospital. Yuvraj reaches hospital and romances with Twinkle. Kunj gets to know that Yuvraj was eyeing Twinkle with bad intentions. Kunj can’t bear that Yuvraj misbehaves with Twinkle. Kunj takes Yuvraj aside and slaps him hard. Angry Yuvraj gets into a fight with Kunj. RT blames Twinke for Mahi’s state. Yuvraj started creating problems between RT and Leela as well. Yuvraj will bring more problems for Kunj and Twinkle in next track.





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