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Median zing spoilers

Santoshi Maa:

Santoshi is getting married. All the Devis have come to bless Santoshi in the marriage, and the jealousy symbol Devi Paulmi has also come there. Santoshi has got ready as bride. Devis has come on the earth to become part of Santoshi’s marriage. The flowers shower on Santoshi. Santoshi Maa has taken the sindoor and blesses Santoshi. The Lord and devotee relation is shown strong. Devis come for Santoshi, as Santoshi has lost her mother in early childhood. Santoshi is marrying Sanketh. There is abshagun in the marriage. Devi Paulmi comes to create hurdles in Santoshi’s life. Devi Paulmi starts creating destruction in the marriage. She will bring a new twist in the marriage. Santoshi’s marriage will not happen with Sanketh, but will happen with Dhairya.


A ghost track is the latest to hit Simar’s sasural. Simar is trying to find the truth, and walks in the house holding lamp. There will be three or four ghost entering the show. The older ghost lady is Mata ji’s friend and the young girl is also playing ghost. There is big connection of the ghosts with Mata ji’s past. The ghosts have come to take revenge. Simar have taken Guru Maa’s help to deal with the ghost, but the twist is Guru Maa faints in the house shocking everyone.

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There is abshagun in the house just before Arzoo gets married to Chotu. Arzoo comes to hanuman gali after marriage, and Sandhya and Emily stand to welcome her. Arzoo gets scared seeing the crackers and jumps here and there surprising everyone. They wonder why she is afraid of crackers, but actually Arzoo jumps seeing lizard in the doli/cart. Bhabho thinks Arzoo is jumping in the hanuman street and taking it on her head. Bhabho is shocked and the aarti thaali falls from her hand. Arzoo was happy seeing her doli and with the thought of entering her sasural, but the lizard incident made her jumped all around. Bhabho gets disappointed with her. It is yet to be seen how does Arzoo adjust in the house.

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Raman adorns jewellery on Ishita, and hugs her. He fills her maang while a romantic song plays. Their happiness have returned and they got a chance to get romantic again. Their love is strengthen with the love. Ishita hugs him. Sarika is keeping evil eye on them and is again conspiring against her. Simmi comes to meet Ishita and greets her happily. The family is about to celebrate for Ishita’s return, but Police comes and arrests Ishita again shocking the kids and family. Kids hug Ishita and cries. All the Bhalla and Iyer family are confused and think what compelled Police to arrest her again. There was a sad moment follows after Ishita is taken away by Police. Ishita too gets teary eyes.


Shabnam gives injections to Roshni. Roshni’s health deteriorates. Shabnam says she will call the doctor. Jyoti Tai says she will call her doctor. Kunal is trying to marry Roshni, but Sid halts their marriage. Jyoti asks Premal to support her and refuses to marry him until Roshni gets well.


Chakor wins the Mumbai Marathon and everyone asks her about her identity which she has kept a mystery till now. Chakor reveals that she is Chakor from Aazaadgunj, and her identity is of a bandhua. She tells the media that she is Kamal Narayan’s bandhua, like the entire village people of Aazaadgunj. The news spreads and reaches the event venue where Bhaiya ji is about to take the oath. Bhaiya ji is going to become sports minister and is stopped by the ministers because of Chakor’s allegations. Bhaiya ji could not take the oath. Chakor announces to everyone that she will be visiting Aazaadgunj soon.


Dadi has once again stooped down to play a cheap trick. Dadi has set up her friend’s granddaughter to fix her marriage with Yuvraaj. She brings Barbie in her house as per her plan and started asking all her bahus for a heir. While Dadi knew Rags and Menka will never agree, she laid all her hopes on Suhani. Dadi dislikes Suhani to the extent that she ruins Yuvraaj’s surprise and keeps toxic gas in the room to misbalance Suhani’s health. The birla family gets shocked to know about Suhani’s body affected by the poisonous gas and that she would not be able to conceive a child. Dadi starts her emotional pressures build up on Suhani about having heir. She then tells the option of getting Yuvraaj married to Barbie to take the Birla family ahead. Suhani gets distressed by this big shock.


Dhaani and Kanak reach the temple. There is a big confrontation scene between them. Dhaani reminds Kanak how the big bell was made to fall to kill her. She also reminds Kanak the poisonous halwa. Kanak gets worried realizing her plans are no longer hidden from Dhaani. Dhaani realizes that Kanak and Tripurari have joined hands to separate Viplav and Dhaani. She confronts Kanak for all the bad deeds and plotting she did to ruin her love with Viplav.

Siya Ke Ram:

Its bidaai time in the show. Janak spends the time with his daughters. Sita is ready to leave from her palace. Sita asks Janak to keep a smile and send them happily. Sita acts strong and controls her sentiments, so that Janak does not get more mad. Janak will be giving his approval to Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan to take the girls to Ayodhya. Ram is waiting for his new life with Sita. Janak finally agrees and gets bidaai mahurat to send the girls. Rishi Yagyavalkya convinces Janak to keep bidaai soon and gives the mahurat. Ram knows Janak’s emotional state and leaves from the Sabha, to end Janak’s dilemma. Rishi Yagyavalkya starts telling Janak, Ayodhya’s princes and Mithila’s princess the past story about Vishwamitra and Guru Vashisht fight, where Vishwamitra killed the innocent ashram people in his anger. Guru Vashisht gets angry seeing his ashram sadhus dead and ashram ruined by Vishwamitra’s rage. He then punished Vishwamitra and hatred existed between them for years.


Gayatri’s mother comes to the Rajmahal and is shocked seeing Gayatri’s state. She says she will not bear Rana ji’s drama. She has slapped her son in law. Rana ji is shocked after getting the slap. Rana ji is hypnotized by Rageshwari and asks the guard to send Gayatri out. Gayatri’s mum says if anyone disrespects a daughter, no parents will bear this. Rageshwari has adopted Vashikaran method to make Rana ji agree to her. Rageshwari says I want my child to become heir of Amerkot. Gayatri is crying and is ready to become maid for Rana ji.


Akshara prepares everything for Naksh’s engagement. Everyone wait for Tara as the mahurat is approaching. Tara’s family arrives without her. This upsets Baisa and she starts doubting Akshara’s choice. Naksh assures Baisa that Tara will come soon. Tara goes to play the match and is sure that she would return on time. There will be twist wherein Tara reaches late. Naksh and Tara get engaged. With Baisa’s entry, Naksh and Tara’s marriage faces hurdles.

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Sarojini runs to save her life from Tadaka Bua. Sarojini hides in the small village and thinks she won’t be caught by Bua now. However, Bua’s goons catch Sarojini. Tadaka Bua kidnaps her. Bua takes Sarojini along her, while Sarojini struggles to run away.



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