Finally!! Viplav and Dhaani marry; Kanak’s truth revealed…


Viplav gets annoyed with Dhaani, when Dhaani refuses to apologize to Kanak. Dhaani knows Kanak is wrong, but has no proof to expose Kanak. Dhaani is caught in Kanak’s lies and clever web of deceive. She has no other way to resolve her differences with Viplav. She heads to her ashram. Viplav comes home being upset with Dhaani. He feels apologetic towards Kanak and goes to talk to Kanak.

Viplav is shocked seeing Kanak’s truth. He sees Kanak telling her plans and hears everything. He gets teary eyed and leaves from his home. Dhaani is crying in her room and worries that she can’t lose her love by Kanak’s plottings. Viplav rushes to talk to Dhaani. Viplav and Dhaani will unite, as he takes her to temple immediately. Viplav fills sindoor in Dhaani’s hairline and marries her without any delay, so that Kanak does not make any plan again. Keep reading.


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