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Ragini tries to commit suicide. Swara, Sumi and Shekhar get shocked seeing her dead. She hangs herself from the ceiling. Shekhar and other take her down. Swara couldn’t stop crying and shows concern for her sister. Ragini left a suicide note. Meanwhile at other side, Annapurna gets angry at Laksh and his new bride. She says Sanskar and Swara couldn’t unite even after marriage, all because of him. Everyone get angry at Laksh for his betrayal. It is yet to be seen if Ragini will die or not, but may be she will come back to life again because of Swara, and will join hands with her to make Laksh realize his mistake. Ragini couldn’t bear Laksh’s biggest betrayal after accepting her as his wife. Ragini’s breath have stopped and it is a challenge for Swara to bring her back to life.


Tulsi asks Aaradhya to leave the village, but Aaradhya tries to convince her that she doesn’t want to go being scared. She don’t want to run away. Tulsi gets tensed after Aryan comes to their home and breaks the things. Aaradhya and Aryan’s love have halted because of the recent revelation.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki, Bihaan, Dhruv and Shraddha dance in the party while the song Sanam Re plays. Valentine Party is going on in Thapki’s sasural. They are celebrating valentine’s day for the newly weds. Vasundara and her husband also dance in the party. Bihaan lifts Thapki in his arms while the song Gerua plays. Bihaan and Thapki win in the paper dance competition, and Dhruv and Shraddha lose. Everyone claps for them. Vasundara and Shraddha get upset. Bihaan and Thapki was forced to take part in the competition and have won. They have come closer because of this party. This valentine have brought romance for Thapki and Bihaan. Thapki stares Bihaan and falls in love with him.

Jamai Raja:

Kunal tries to marry Roshni forcibly and is taking pheras with her around a fire, while goons are making sure that nobody stops the marriage. Kunal asks Roshni to agree and takes pheras with her. Kunal threatens Pandit ji and asks him to do the marriage within 10 mins. Pandit ji starts reciting the mantras. Roshni becomes Jhansi ki Rani and picks the fire. She threatens them. She runs from there, while they follow her.

Siya Ke Ram:

Ram and Sita start conversing on the way to Ayodhya. They tell each other about their families, childhood, teachings and life journey till now. They embark on a new journey post marriage and are sure to stand by each other under all circumstances. Meanwhile, the princes/kings who lost in the Swayamvar in Mithila form a group to take revenge from Ram. The princes could not lift Shiv’s bow in Sita’s Swayamvar and feel humiliated. They all blame Ram for their insult, as Ram showed them down by lifting the bow. They meet an evil person MahaShambhar to plan against Ram. MahaShambhar is also envious towards Ram and conspires to kill Ram.


Bhabho is angry seeing Arzoo’s dog Chulbul. She asks Sandhya did she not say about her coming back. Sandhya apologizes as she was telling about Chulbul, whom Arzoo got in her inlaws. Bhabho scolds Sandhya and is disappointed. Arzoo does mistake to apply for Sandhya’s three months leave from her work. Sandhya starts shouting on Arzoo to decide for her work. Arzoo says she was going to do good and turned up annoying them. Sooraj helps Arzoo to help her adjust well in the Rathi Family.


Raman romances with Niddhi in his room. They both share a drink and spend romantic time. Raman has not forgotten Ishita. He is doing all this by a plan. Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked seeing Raman and Niddhi in the bedroom. She goes to stop Raman, saying Ishita’s death happened just few days before. Raman asks what shall I do, I don’t care for anything. Niddhi wants to marry Raman, and is coming closer to him. Raman and Niddhi celebrate their togetherness. Raman knows Niddhi has changed the video footage chip and wants to get that from Niddhi. He scolds Mrs. Bhalla and sends her out of the room. Mrs. Bhalla cries in shock seeing Raman changing colors.


There is a shocking entry in the show. The least possible thought of Icchadhaari Mor named Mayuri has entered the show. Mayuri has fallen in love with Ritik, seeing him at a bar. Mayuri flirts with Ritik. Shivanya gets jealous seeing Mayuri hugging Ritik. Mayuri jokes on Shivanya’s name and is enemy of Naagin. Peacock and snake’s fight will be starting in the show. Naagins have got the Naag mani and have succeeded in their aim half way, but now with Mayuri’s entry, Shivanya’s love life will have many hurdles. Ritik ignores Mayuri, and she tries to woo him. Madhura Naik will be seen donning the role of Mayuri, with a modern chic look.


Premlata beats Gopi when Gopi tries to free Kokila. Gopi has found real Kokila, who was hidden in the water tanker. Ahem and Gopi reach Kokila and free her. Premlata got exposed and started running from there. Urmila and Kinjal hit her with stones and stop her. Urmila beats Premlata and drags her back to Modi family. Premlata asks Ahem and family to believe her, she is the real Kokila. Real Kokila pulls the mask from Premlata’s face and a series of slap follow on Premlata by Kokila and Gopi. Premlata accepts her crime and cleverly blames Sona. Sona says I don’t even know you, Premlata is a big liar. Premlata does not tell Madhuben’s name. Premlata catches Madhuben and threatens to kill her. She runs away using Madhuben. Kokila and Gopi are together now, and will end this game soon.

Santoshi Maa:

Dhairya fills sindoor in Santoshi’s Maang, shocking everyone. Sanketh and Shaurya have a fight in the mandap. Santoshi was getting married to Sanketh, and was taking wedding rounds. Dhairya comes there and angrily fills sindoor. Sanketh gets raging and scolds Dhairya for marrying Santoshi without her consent. Dhairya creates a big drama there and shows a fake MMS of Santoshi and him. Dhairya challenges Santoshi to show her devotion in Santoshi Maa by keeping their marriage. Santoshi gets worried and has to take a decision.



  1. Plzz….do not make ragini die and make lakshya realise his mistake and I also agree that what ragini did with lakshya is not good and needed to learn a lesson but lakshya leaving her after getting intimate her and stating it as revenge is also not good……and yhm, ssek, yeh kaha agay hum, kb, etretr, adhuri kahani humari spoilers plzz…..

  2. What has happened to the tellyworld. All serials are becoming crap. SNS with violence, kidnapping and antisocial activities. SSK with black magic and not even sparing to use the small kids. KKB with nonsensical or say brainless track and showing extramarital affair, evil always win. Swaragini with suicide, kidnapping attempts.. Uff…. Are kuch toh acha dikaho, dang kha. we audience are wasting our time in front of these craps and creating negative energy around us. why we people are promoting such serials and creating fatal situation in the society.


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