All gets well for Modis with Kokila’s powerful entry in Saathiya…



Premlata beats Gopi when Gopi tries to free Kokila. Gopi has found real Kokila, who was hidden in the water tanker. Ahem and Gopi reach Kokila and free her. Premlata got exposed and started running from there. Urmila and Kinjal hit her with stones and stop her. Urmila beats Premlata and drags her back to Modi family. Premlata asks Ahem and family to believe her, she is the real Kokila. Real Kokila pulls the mask from Premlata’s face and a series of slap follow on Premlata by Kokila and Gopi. Premlata accepts her crime and cleverly blames Sona. Sona says I don’t even know you, Premlata is a big liar. Premlata does not tell Madhuben’s name. Premlata catches Madhuben and threatens to kill her. She runs away using Madhuben. Kokila and Gopi are together now, and will end this game soon. Gopi’s madness drama ends after she successfully finds Kokila. Kokila is back in the Modi family. Kokila knows Premlata, Gaura and Madhuben’s united evil team. She will be targeting them with Gopi. Keep reading.



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