Big twist strikes Kunj-Twinkle in Tashan E Ishq…

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Twinkle tells Kunj how Yuvi amd Mahi are playing unfair in the competition to win. Kunj tells her that it does not matter to him. She says she won’t leave the competition and still be part of the competition. Kunj supports her, but tries convincing her to withdraw the name. Kunj does not want Twinkle to get hurt. Twinkle is adamant that she won’t backout and continues to compete.

Later on, Twinkle tries finding the girl she has seen in that video against Manohar. She spots Purvi and follows her. Twinkle lands in some room, where she falls in a big problem. A man tries to molest Twinkle and pushes her on bed. Twinkle beats him with pillow and shouts for help. Twinkle acts courageous and beats the man. She says she has tried to protect herself from getting molested. Kunj comes there and saves Twinkle. He makes her wear his jacket and hugs her. Actually, Twinkle followed Purvi to get the proofs against her and landed up in that room. Kunj consoles Twinkle. The competition goes on well and equal between Yuvi-Mahi and Twinkle-Kunj getting in the last round. Yuvi gets hurt in the final round and he will be moving out of the competition. Yuvi tells Kunj that though he has lost, but it was by fate, not by his talent. Yuvi still calls himself Baazigar to win after losing. Kunj and Twinkle come close.





3 responses to “Big twist strikes Kunj-Twinkle in Tashan E Ishq…”

  1. twinkle Avatar

    Thank you so much for tashan e ishq spoliers

  2. Preety sid bieber Avatar
    Preety sid bieber

    Thanx a lot tei spoilers

  3. loveleen Avatar

    finally happy to knw that they will come close…

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