Kavya to pose new problems for Laksh’s family…

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Ragini tries to commit suicide. Swara, Sumi and Shekhar get shocked seeing her dead. She hangs herself from the ceiling. Shekhar and other take her down. Swara couldn’t stop crying and shows concern for her sister. Ragini left a suicide note. Meanwhile at other side, Annapurna gets angry at Laksh and his new bride. She says Sanskar and Swara couldn’t unite even after marriage, all because of him. Everyone get angry at Laksh for his betrayal. It is yet to be seen if Ragini will die or not, but may be she will come back to life again because of Swara, and will join hands with her to make Laksh realize his mistake. Ragini couldn’t bear Laksh’s biggest betrayal after accepting her as his wife. Ragini’s breath have stopped and it is a challenge for Swara to bring her back to life.

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Swara and Sanskaar are away and supporting each other. They both meet by hiding from family at night. Sanskaar lessens Swara’s pain. They are meeting secretly after marriage, because of ongoing problems at home. Swara says I know Kavya has some other motives to marry Laksh, which I will find out. Laksh and his wife Kavya have problems on their wedding night. Ragini is the reason for their arguments. Kavya says I can’t bear all this, Ragini is still in your heart. Laksh gets restless thinking about Ragini’s welfare, after knowing about Ragini’s suicide attempt. Kavya will become problem for Laksh’s family. Sanskaar will come to save his family.





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