Highlight: Bihaan to know Vasundara’s truth and tricks…



Dadi, Balwinder Bau ji and entire family like the idea of having a special member in the party. They all enjoy the presence of the human-sized teddy bear at the party. They do not know that its Thapki. Bihaan gets suspicious as he notices that Thapki is wearing the same socks as the teddy bear wore. He then hears Thapki’s hiccups and sees the teddy having food. He realizes Thapki is the teddy. Suman feels bad for Thapki and asks her to remove the teddy costume. Thapki refuses to do so. A kid takes a liquor filled chocolate and Shraddha tries stopping the kid from eating it.

Vasundara eats that chocolate, much to Shraddha’s shock. Another human-sized teddy arrives in the party, and makes everyone entertained. Bihaan reveals to them that its him who wanted to please them. He takes Thapki and asks her the reason for doing all this. Thapki does not tell anything. Bihaan takes Thapki to temple and asks her to confess everything. Thapki tells Bihaan that Vasundara has made her do all this. Bihaan is left stunned knowing what all Thapki did on Vasundara’s saying. Bihaan gets to know about Thapki working as maid in Pandey Nivaas and stands to support Thapki. He makes Thapki quit the maid work and tells her that he will earn money for them. Bihaan takes Thapki back home and declares angrily infront of everyone that Thapki is not a maid, but a part of Pandey Nivaas.


Vasundara and her husband challenge Bihaan to give them 10000 Rs in 2 days. Bihaan accepts the challenge. He goes in search of job, but he didn’t get any job. Thapki decides to earn some money fast and that’s why decides to wear a tailor’s cap. Thapki starts using the sewing machine and stitches clothes. Bihaan comes back home and sees blood coming from her hurt feet and peddles the machine, so that Thapki stitches the clothes. Bihaan helps her. Thapki is stitching clothes to take care of the expenses as she does not want to put burden on Bihaan. Both Thapki and Bihaan start caring for each other. Keep reading.


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