Kunj and Twinkle’s romantic sweet nothings next in TEI…

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Kunj is annoyed with Twinkle. Kunj does not listen to Twinkle and she falls down. He cares for her and lifts her in arms to take her. Yuvi is creating misunderstandings between Kunj and Twinkle. Kunj started doubting on Twinkle, that she still has feelings for Yuvi. Yuvi gets an unmarried couple in the competition, whom Twinkle exposes infront of everyone. Twinkle fails Yuvi’s plan. Police arrests Purvi and that man. Yuvi says this was my plan and Twinkle failed it. He gets angry and thinks to do something. Kunj will break the wall formed by Yuvi anyhow, as Kunj loves Twinkle a lot. Twinkle hugs Kunj and tries convincing him.

Kunj and Twinkle have some romantic moments. Twinkle goes after Kunj, as he is not listening. She starts arguing with him, and their fight leads to the tap breaking. The bathroom tap breaks and they stand under the shower, having an eyelock. Kunj is very annoyed, as he wants Twinkle to leave the Mrs. Amritsar contest. Twinkle does not want to backout, and their annoyance goes with this sudden romance. Kunj gives her the towel and leaves. Romance is surely brewing between the two. Keep reading.





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