Swara takes a stand for Ragini and Maheshwaris…

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Swara’s Grah pravesh is done and she got a new challenge too. Swara has to deal with Kavya now. All the family is standing to welcome Swara. She has come home by all rituals, everyone is happy with her, as she saved Annapurna from going jail. Swara has turned savior for them. Swara comes to Maheshwari house. Sanskaar and Swara step inside the house after Grah pravesh. Kavya got warning from Swara. Swara threatens Kavya, that she will create troubles for her, but Kavya can’t take anyone’s threats and reacts angrily.

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Kavya and Swara have an argument infront of the family. Kavya holds Laksh’s hand and tries to show his support for her. Swara’s mother in law is welcoming Swara happily. She is not against Swara now. She blesses Swara and welcomes her well. They did not expect Shekhar will allow Swara. But Swara has broken Shekhar’s promise and came in her in laws home, to take revenge from Kavya. She has to save her inlaws and get justice for Ragini too. The sisters’ fight ended in the show, and now Swara will take a stand for Ragini. Will Swara be able to make Laksh realize his big mistake? Keep reading.





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