TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week



Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti and Sarla have reached Mohit’s house and slapped him infront of his parents. Shanti scolds Mohit for creating problems for Preeti. Shanti and Sarla kidnapped Mohit and then took to his home. Mohit’s mum too slaps Mohit for getting the family humiliated. Shanti says she will kill Mohit if he eyes Preeti again. Shanti is troubling Riya too. Sarla is increasing the problems for Riya. Shanti tells Sarla that everyone is scared of me, and now by my plannings, Riya’s bidaai will also happen. Mohit will reach Preeti in the marriage mandap as he is not scared of Shanti. He challenges Shanti that she can do anything, but he will not let Preeti marry anyone, afterall he loves Preeti a lot.



Ruhi cries seeing Ishita’s photo. She hugs Ishita’s photo and cries telling what Raman is doing. Simmi and Shagun see Ruhi crying and feel very sad.

Balika Vadhu:

Nimboli and her family is surrounded by fire. Akhiraj Singh tried to kill Nimboli again. Akhiraj and his goons have set the fire to kill Nimboli and her family. Nimboli wakes up and sees Harki and Kundan. She assumes they are thieves and shuts them inside the house. Nimboli and her family come out of the house. Akhiraj’s plan backfires as he then asks his goons to blow off fire fast to get Harki and Kundan out. There will be leap in the show soon. Nimboli will be shown grown up and she will facing new hurdles in her life.


Meera is troubled by an army of rats. She screams and shouts for help. Dharam rushes to her rescue and lifts Meera in arms. Meera and Dharam have come close. Dharam makes a heroic entry and saves his love.


Yamini and Ankush will try to kill Ritik. They will get to know Ritik is not their real son, but Shivanya will save her husband. Ritik and Shivanya have nok jhok as always. Shivanya finds out Yamini’s truth and does not know how to break it to Ritik.


Sid and Roshni have romantic moments. They are together after a long time. Sid and Roshni broke all hurdles to unite and now they celebrate their union. DD heartily thanks Sid. She sends Sid and Roshni to Goa for spending some time. DD tells Sid that he has done a lot for Roshni and she feels Roshni is very lucky to get him.


Kavya comes back from gym. Her mum in law gets annoyed seeing Kavya in gym clothes. Before she starts scolding Kavya, Kavya gets unwell. Kavya gets asthma attack and makes the family worried.


Naira is kidnapped and the families are crying for Naira. Inspector calls Naitik and asks them to come to identify a dead body. He tells Naitik that the girl resembles Naira and this shocks Naitik. Naitik and Akshara get panicking and rush to see the girl. They see the girl and cry. They tell inspector that this girl is not Naira. There will be integration of DABH and YRKKH. Sandhya will be taking Naira’s kidnapping race and expose the racket, wherein Akshara will take a disguise and assist Sandhya in finding Naira and other girls.


Ganga ignores Sagar’s mischief. He teases her and she throws red gulaal on Sagar. They both run to color each other. They celebrate holi and laugh running around at home. This turns out to be Ganga’s dream sequence.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Menka tells Suhani that Barbie does not want Bhavna to do surrogacy. Suhani gets doubtful about Barbie’s intentions. Suhani goes and confronts Barbie about her intentions to come in Birla house.



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