TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week



Yeh Vaada Raha:

Kartik dances with everyone in the MahaShivrati celebrations. The bhaang effect has got on everyone. Kartik dances with Survi after having bhaang. He does not care that Taai is present there. Everyone assumes Survi is Durga, but Survi is trying to manage Kartik and save him. Tai also got in the mood to dance. She dances in full spirits. There will be many twists in this Maha episode.

Tashan E Ishq:

Twinkle gets ready and could not tie the backstring. Kunj comes and helps her. He ties the string. Twinkle gets shy and smiles. She turns and sees him gone. She realizes she is imagining Kunj. Twinkle and Kunj want to hold the love memories in their hearts forever. Twinkle has changed her getup and wears a trendy saree to woo Kunj. Kunj sees Twinkle everywhere, while Twinkles feels Kunj’s presence around her. Kunj and Twinkle are going to confess their feelings to each other. They have realized love and want to make a new start.

Jamai Raja:

Sid-Roshni and Yash-Sam are running to save their lives from Alex. Sid-Roshni have got trapped in Goa. They have went there to enjoy, but they have fallen in big problem. The goons have thrown net on them. Sid and Roshni escape somehow. Sid and Roshni get a bike and flee on it.


Dharam does Shiv puja along Durga and says Durga is his wife. He neglects Meera and this angers Meera. Meera does tandav infront of her family on Shivrarti occasion. She slaps Gaura and tells her that it was not intentional. She was very angry and wanted to get her anger out by tandav. She apologizes to Gaura. Gaura pulls Meera’s hair and scolds her for slapping her. Dharam defends Meera. On the other hand, Madhuben has become a big threat for Kokila. Madhuben has come to attack on Kokila. She stabs Kokila by getting mixed in the crowd. Gopi comes in between to save Kokila. Gopi gets stabbed in her stomach. Kokila gets shocked. Madhuben hides her face and is shocked too. Madhuben will apologize to Kokila and then her character will be going away from Modi family.

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Silsila Pyaar Ka:

Raunak has given his nod to marry Munmum. Kajal requests Raunak to marry her, just for Sakshi’s sake. She tells him that no new relation will be formed between them. Raunak recalls Sakshi and agrees to marry Kajal. They exchange garlands infront of Sakshi in the hospital ward, while Janki waits for Raunak.


Arzoo cooks the food and makes rotis. Bhabho has given her kitchen responsibility. Belan breaks by Arzoo’s hands and it hits Chotu. Arzoo goes to see Chotu and falls on the ground. Meenakshi also falls by the flour. Arzoo then falls on Chotu and they have an eyelock. Bhabho gets shocked seeing their romance. Chotu gets hurt and Bhabho worries for him.


Kavya’s taunts have made Ragini cry. Ragini recalls her moments with Laksh. Laksh makes Ragini jealous and kisses Kavya infront of her. Ragini cries and leaves from there.


Akshara and Naitik’s sweet romance will be seen in Hongkong. Akshara and Naitik compliment each other. Akshara, Naitik, Naksh and Naira will be seen in this track. The family gives surprise to Naitik and spends good time. Naitik is lost in his worries. The next track will bring a major twist, wherein a little girl will break the truth that Naitik is her father. Akshara will be puzzled by this revelation. Naitik’s secret will be revealed. Akshara hears Naitik talking to a lady about some little girl. She cries and says I will never forget this birthday. She spots Naitik with the girl. The girl Kuhu is part of Naitik’s secret. Naitik hugs Kuhu and hides her from family. Naksh and Naira come there to find Akshara. Naksh gets Naitik there and asks about Akshara. Naitik worries for Akshara’s reaction. Kuhu’s identity will create a big drama.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi sits sad and misses Aaliya. Pragya comes to cheers him up. Abhi and Pragya go in past memories and dance romantically. Then they realize they should not get close. They get away and distance between them increases.


Niddhi creates a big scene after seeing the bridal lahenga torn. She shouts on Raman and tells how his family has spoiled her lahenga. She asks Raman to give her Ishita’s saree. Niddhi is angry on the Bhalla family. She does not know who did this plotting to stop the lahenga. Niddhi left lahenga at home and went to parlor. She finds the lahenga torn and Simmi scares her that this is big abshagun. Niddhi argues with Raman. It’s the marriage day. When she asks for Ishita’s saree, Raman gets tensed. He refuses and Niddhi starts doubting on him again. Niddhi has motive to ruin Raman and his family, but she will be in trouble once Ishita comes back. Raman and Niddhi’s marriage will have a twist.


Gayatri has become a servant in Rana ji’s palace now. She gives bath to Rana ji’s fav horse Mastani. Gayatri/Savitri has tough time to do this task given by Rana ji. Rana ji has lost his memory and hates the new maid. He decides to fire Savitri and gives work to Savitri to give bath to the horse. The horse identifies Gayatri, and Rana ji does not realize its Gayatri. Mastani stays calm and Gayatri decorates the horse well. Rana ji gets surprised.



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