Ahem’s SRK avatar to thank Gopi…All gets well in Saathiya



Gopi and Kokila try to save Madhuben. Madhuben is in deep guilt that she has stabbed Gopi in her revenge for Kokila. She goes away from Gopi and asks Gopi to be happy always. Gopi holds her bleeding stomach and goes after Madhuben to stop her. Madhuben wants to end her life by committing suicide. Gopi runs after Madhuben in that wounded state and stops Madhuben from falling down the cliff. Gopi and Kokila hold Madhuben’s hand. But Madhuben falls down the cliff. Gopi gets in shock seeing her mother’s death. Kokila and Sona put Gopi in the push cart and take her to hospital.

Gopi’s life gets saved. Gipi gets conscious and meets her family. Ahem tells SRK’s lines for Gopi. He tells Gopi that she did big favor on her by saving Kokila. He touches Gopi’s feet and pays her much respect. Gopi hugs Ahem and Kokila. Everything gets well. Keep reading.


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