Bhaiya ji to get Aditya killed in Udaan…



Chakor thinks of gifting mangoes to Vivaan and goes to haveli to meet him. Ranjana is scared for Bhaiya ji’s anger on Vivaan. Chakor cooks food for Imli and tells Imli about the press conference. Imli decides to stop Chakor from giving statement against Bhaiya ji. Chakor announces that Bhaiya ji will be soon opening a hospital for villagers in Aazaagunj. This shocks Suraj and Bhaiya ji. Suraj meets Imli and tells that they will take revenge from Chakor. They both head to stop Chakor. Chakor and Imli get into a verbal argument. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to kill the journalist who is helping Chakor. Tejaswini blackmails Ranjana about telling Bhaiya ji everything Vivaan did to help Chakor. Ranjana convinces Bhaiya ji to take Tejaswini with him in the meeting. Tejaswini wins in the situation. Bhaiya ji gets to know the journalist Aditya is actually Ishwar Rawat’s son. Chakor starts her practice to win national marathon. Imli and Suraj stop Chakor from practicing running in Aazaadgunj and shoot at the ground. Imli warns Chakor that she will shoot on her leg. What will Chakor and Aditya do now? Keep reading.


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