Highlight: Shanaya’s entry to bring fun track in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…

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Ashok tries impressing Ishita/Shanaya. Ishita slaps him and makes him a personal servant. Ashok makes her wear sandals and decorates the entire house. Ashok bears everything just to get Raichand’s business. Ruhi and Shravan go to meet Ishita. Ruhi gets angry seeing Ashok with Ishita. Ruhi beats Ashok. Ishita scolds Ruhi for not beating elders like this and sends her out. Raman has come to meet Shanaya too. Raman hides from there after seeing Niddhi there. Niddhi gets Raman’s ipad there and asks Shanaya where is Raman. Abhishek comes to Ishita’s rescue and makes excuses. Niddhi gets doubt on Ishita and we have to see till when this drama goes on.

Later, Ishita will return to Bhalla house as Shanaya Raichand. Niddhi brings Ishita home, as she doubts Ishita is acting as Shanaya. Bhallas and Iyers get shocked seeing Shanaya. Niddhi brings Ishita in Satyanarayana puja. Pandit ji does not come by some reason. Amma tells Shanaya about Ishita and cries, being disappointed that pandit did not come to do puja for Ishita. Ishita can’t see Amma’s pain and completes the puja. Ruhi believes she is Ishita and realizes this by her hug. Ishita gives chocolates to Ruhi and makes her stay with Bhalla family. Amma also realizes Shanaya is Ishita. Keep reading.





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