Sunny attempts to separate Raju and Nandu in Jaane Kya…



The secret intentions of Indu Talwar and her son Shekhar are out. The persons haunting Raju and Nandu are Indu and her son Shekhar/Sunny. Sunny was Nandu’s college friend, who was madly in love with her. By flashbacks, the past story will be revealed soon. Nandu has refused to his love proposal, and the friends parted. Sunny could not accept her rejection and turned psycho lover of Nandu/Nandini. Sunny has come back in model town with Indu to get back Nandini in his life. While Sunny is hot tempered, Indu suggests him many ways to break Raju and Nandu. Indu realizes Raju is over possessive about Nandu. She makes Sunny stick to Nandu in puja, which infuriates Raju. Raju turns mad in anger and starts doubting Nandu and Sunny. Raju calls off the Satyanarayana puja for newly weds, after spotting Nandu with Sunny. Things get worse when Sunny starts projecting Raju as the villain of the house, who is killing Nandu as well as Rashmi’s happiness by linking Sunny and Nandu. Indu and Sunny slowly create differences between Raju and Nandu to get them separated.



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