Emotional ride prior to Ram-Sita’s vanvaas in Siya Ke Ram…

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Ram’s Rajya Abhishek is happening. Just before that, Ram and Sita have a short conversation. They share some short and sweet romantic moments. They hold hands and promise support to each other for lifetime. The Raj tilak happens as per all rituals. Ram and Sita sit on the floral carpet and have to spend the night by dropping all Rajya comforts. Its ritual to prepare them for all the tough problems arising in the Rajya. Sita’s happiness is with Ram. They prepare each other mentally for the tough situations and make promises.

Later in morning, Ram and Sita walk in between the Praja. Praja is very happy to see Ram’s Raj tilak commencing. Ram and Sita want blessings from entire Ayodhya Praja. Ram feels he wants to become king for Praja and wants their blessings first. Dasharath wants to give all his duties to Ram. He knows that Praja loves Ram a lot. The shubh mahurat for Ram’s Rajya tilak comes. The rishis play the shank. The big twist comes there. Kaikeyi asks Mantra to tell her the solution. She tells Mantra that she will stop Ram’s Raj tilak anyhow. Mantra says there is just one solution, the Kumbh bhavan. Kaikeyi gets shocked and goes ahead to Dasharath with her plans. Dasharath is about to announce the Rajya Abhishek of Ram. But Kaikeyi makes Dasharath fall in dilemma after asking for the Vardaan he promised her. She asks him to declare Bharat’s Raj tilak. Kaikeyi asks Dasharath two promises to make Bharat the king of Ayodhya, and then sending Ram away from Ayodhya. Ram-Sita and Laxman will be leaving for 14 years vanvaas.

When Sita realizes that Kaikeyi is against his Rajya Tilak, Sita gets confused. Ram tells Kaikeyi that she should have told him if this was the matter, and he would have made easier for Kaikeyi. Ram happily agrees to go to vanvaas. The new adhyay will begin now.

On the other side, Surpanakha does Raavan’s aarti happily. She then gets a big shock. Raavan has killed Surpanakha’s husband and she pledges to kill Raavan. She realizes that only Ram can kill Raavan after Raavan’s biggest mistake to kidnap Sita. She makes Raavan against Ram-Sita. She provokes him to kidnap Sita, so that Ram kills Raavan. The two stories together will bring more interest in the upcoming episodes for sure. Keep reading.





8 responses to “Emotional ride prior to Ram-Sita’s vanvaas in Siya Ke Ram…”


    Thanks a lot for the spoilers……….

  2. ub Avatar

    i never read abt this surpanaka and raavan rivalry in any books …. on which epic book they are showing all this.. can any one know abt this… pls tell me

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      Siya Ke Ram’s plot is taken from the Hindu Epic ‘Ramayana’ , and has been written by Valmiki. You can read more about Ramayana, for instance here, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramayana

      1. ub Avatar

        Yes I know abt valmiki ramayan… But I didn’t come across this new story be surpanaka and raavan.. Any ways I will chk it out once may be I missed that episode in ramayan.. Thanks for ur repl

    2. Vrinda Avatar

      Ub, This is written IN Valmiki Ramayan…I have read it personally in Sanskrit..this event is described by Agastya Muni to Lord Ram in the last part Uttara Kanda, the only thing which is not there is the fact that Shurpanakha wanted to kill Ravan..that is not in Valmiki Ramayan.. But ravan killing her husband any many other family feuds are there.

  3. Natalia Avatar

    thank u for update

  4. Natalia Avatar

    thank for update

  5. Natalia Avatar

    nice update skr

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