Simar’s Sasural to show family power again…



Malti is making Mata ji do ghostly things. Mata ji was normal a day before, but again she gets into ghost style. She is taking candle and is going to graveyard. Simar stops Mata ji and runs to stop her. Simar tries to stop Mata ji.

Simar has normalized Mata ji. Simar has got Chandramani and all the family women take an oath to make the Chudails leave from the house. Simar says they will show the family unity power. Simar puts Mata Rani’s sindoor at the door and makes a Rekha. Malti appears there and fools Simar. She enters the house and says it was her plan to make Simar get that Chandramani. Simar and Khushi call Choti Dulhan ghost there to get help from her. Chotu Dulhan signs them that she does not know about anything about Malti’s plans.


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